Do you prefer to reload rifle, or handgun cartridges?

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Anything I own except for .22LR.
12 gauge I used to do but now it's as cheap to buy.

I load lots of 9mm for matches and practice, more than worth my time and trouble.
I don't reload .223 right now as it's relatively inexpensive and it's a PITA to load IME. I save my brass and am accumulating components though. I load everything else I shoot other than rimfire.
I reload for a lot of handgun calibers and am expanding into more and more rifle calibers.
While I can reload for is so cheap to buy in bulk I don't think it is cost effective to reload it. However, we just bought a shellplate for 9mm for my LnL, as my son has decided he is going to reload our bulk practice ammunition for it just because he wants to.

The only caliber we don't reload for that we shoot is 12ga. Bulk cases for missing clay birds are cheap enough that it isn't worth it to buy a shot shell reloader and stock components. The few boxes of game loads I need each hunting season isn't a financial burden.

I don't shoot .38/40 or .44/40, so I don't reload for those.
Anything I own except for .22LR.
Oh, I don't reload rimfire. Not that I didn't consider it - I love handloading, and I'm a natural born tinkerer, so I thought about taking up reloading .22LR after reading an article in some "prepper" magazine a few years back. But I went back to drinking in my spare time instead.:D
Seriously, I once bought myself a Ruger 77, .223. There was a Ruger 77, .22-250 sitting right beside it for the same price, but I chose the .223 for a varmint rifle that I figured would be "almost" as good as a .22-250. And cheap .223 ammo was readily available, so I wouldn't "have to" reload for it. A couple of years later, when I was overcome by temptation, I took up loading for my .223. So I sold the dang thing and bought a .22-250 - like I should have bought in the first place.:D
I shoot about 50/50 (store-bought to handloads) 9mm, and I don't handload .380 at all. I don't think I can improve on factory .380s, and I'm not even tempted to try.:)
I don’t reload cartridges I shoot in autos. It’s a hassle to chase the brass and it tends to get beat up a bit more. That being said, I typically only buy (new) autos in common cartridges.

I got into reloading when I learned I could load 45-70 for $.40 cents a round, and 375 H&H for $.70. That said, I do load for autos rarely if I want to create some special concoction of a load.
I learned the hard way not to sell or trade rifle dies. Sure as I do here comes a rifle in that caliber. The use of cast bullets in rifle is increasing here that mandates reloading. Also some big black powder calibers are done here. I have 550b tool heads for most of the ordinary handgun calibers. Using second hand dies tool heads for both 38 and 357 plus 44 Special and 44 Magnum were assembled. After I was quoted $35.00 for a box of factory 260 Remington if kinda supported my decision to reload back in the 1970's. How about my easing into the Big Box for some 300 H&H cartridges?
Even though some curse at it, I primarily reload .380. I reload it because it is the primary caliber that I shoot.

I won't reload rimfire. Yes, I know it can be done, I just think the risk (the primer material is very unstable in large quantities) does not balance out in any real savings.
I don't reload rim fire or the 25acp, 32acp/short. The margin for error is greater besides these with a super small powder charge. If I was going to attempt it it would be on a AP press with brass and bullet feeder. That way I will not have to handle them. Then it would probably take a special powder dispenser to get a accurate/consistent powder drop.
There aren't any I won't reload.
The poll question was which we preferred and I voted handgun.
I load rifle because I have to. Rifles are tools. They allow me to shoot deer at long distances. The factory ammo I like in .30-06 is about $40 a box, so I handload them.

I love revolvers. I love shooting them, I love casting for them, and I love reloading them.

Rifles are tools. Shotguns are tools. Revolvers bring me joy.
I mainly reload for accuracy but I won't reload certain rounds. But not due to size and that some are more finicky than others. I'll skip reloading 9mm, and .223 along with 7.62x39mm because the time/price doesn't add up for me.

I use to load for shotgun but I'm having a hard time competing due to lead shot prices. I need a shot maker if im ever going to do that again.
The only calibers that I own but don't load for are 22(S/L/LR), 7.62x54R, 7.5x55swiss, and 8x56R.
I've toyed with the idea of reloading berdans, but I like reloading too much to turn it into a chore.

I even like reloading 380, 9mm and 223! I get a lot of satisfaction from it, the way some people do from jigsaw puzzles or coin collecting.
I also have a lot more faith in my quality control than that of nearly any manufacturer
I’m mixed on .223/5.56. I load for my .223 bolt actions but buy bulk for the AR.
I'll add a quick response to the poll question as it's raining out, I'm up early and bored as I won't be working today. I prefer reloading handgun ammo for a few reasons. My battery is rather limited to .38/.357, 9mm and .41 mag, and I have the loads for all of the above pretty well figured out. My .38 dies in fact never get adjusted unless I'm loading a small run of hunting/defense practice ammo. The brass prep is very simple, and all but max loads of H110 in the .41 get thrown charges. The press stroke is easier. No pouring heavy charges of lincoln logs out of the scale pan, and no tinkering with COL and testing at the range. Only drawback is it can get rather tedious cranking out uniform .38 and 9mm target ammo.
I don't reload anything 9mm or smaller. But then again I don't shoot anything 9mm or smaller except 22LR.
My rule is I don't load anything shorter than the width of my fingers. 380 ACP is the smallest for me. No 32's or 25's for me.

Many don't feel that its worthwhile to load 9mm or 223 right now with the cheap prices and availability but I still do.
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I dont load 9mm, .380 or 7.62x39. They are too cheap for me to reload.
I don't really load .223 much at all. I dont shoot them very much, and I have a good supply. I replenish my supply when I find them on sale.

I enjoy casting my own bullets, so I mainly load my pistol calibers. .357, .45colt, .45acp
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My fingers have a hard time with anything smaller than 9x19, 9x18 ish so anything smaller is out. And I wouldn't load 9mm or 5.56 except I already had dies.
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