[AR] DSSA Ejected From Ellis Hughes Range

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Dec 24, 2002
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From: Dixie Sport Shooting Assn.
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2003 8:39 PM
Subject: DSSA Ejected From Hughes' Range

The following is an email from Ellis Hughes we received 10/22/03 in response to
asking for his "View From the Range" article for The Dixie Shooter.

[This email is printed EXACTLY as it was received ~Jennifer]:

"This will be my last view from the range.As most of you know Dixie and I have
been involved in a lease discussion for the last couple of months. I sent a
copy of a lease to Dixie for a yes or no vote and it was declared non
acceptable. An issue that has never been a problem in the past has become an
impass. To say that my affilation with Dixie has not been a joy is putting it
mildly.The lease is a dead issue and I wish Dixie the best on what ever path
they go on. The range will be closed for improvments as of Nov 8 and
will remain closed except for family use until late Spring of 04.I would like
for Dixie to remove anything like tables, IDPA props etc by Dec 8. I wish all of
you the best of health, good luck and Gods blessings on Dixie and its


This is the article written by Mike that will follow Ellis' article in The Dixie

DSSA officials delivered the latest lease proposal to Ellis Hughes on
Sunday, October 19, before the IDPA match. Ellis called Mike at work early in
the week of October 20. Ellis wants a written guarantee that he and his family
may continue to hunt on the property once it is leased by DSSA.

A case in point was made Sunday before the IDPA match. Upon entering the
range to set up for the match, we noticed the gate already open and a
camo-painted vehicle parked on the south side of the rifle range. Obviously a
hunter was present, but no one was in sight. As a matter of safety and
responsibility, this event was evidence that allowing hunting on the property by
anyone at any time is out of the question as long as it is open to the public
for use as a firearms range. The lease is for 365 days a year use.

There is muzzle-loading deer, modern gun deer, rabbit, squirrel, raccoon,
dove, and turkey seasons. DSSA members who want to use the range should not be
denied use because someone is hunting on the 12-acre leased property.

Ellis said he wanted the range to exist "in perpetuity" for training
youngsters, and perpetuating the right to keep and bear arms by providing a safe
place for the public to practice and enjoy the shooting sports. We don't know
why he had a change of heart, or why hunting off his back porch is more
important. We found out on 10/23 that Ellis has leased the range to a group in

DSSA will move forward. An emergency meeting is scheduled for 6:30 PM,
Tuesday, October 28 at Mike & Jennifer's house (classroom).


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