Are you a Purist?

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My revolvers are newer, but my carry & house gun ammo is dated - the .38 Special +P 158gr LHPSWC. My house and carry guns even have the IL. Definitely not a 'purist', by the OP's definition. Does that ammo make me a 'quasi-purist'? As I am a revolver-only guy, perhaps I am just a revolver-lover.

I don't think your definition of purist and mine are the same. You're talking about people who just like older guns, a traditionalist if you will. I certainly fall into that category, for the most part. 95% of my guns are single action revolvers, older S&W's, leverguns and a few blackpowder guns. Give me blued steel and walnut any day. Although I do have a couple of polymer framed pistols for utilitarian purposes, as well as a 'modern' AR and a "tacticool" .22LR. Those guns may be fun to shoot and serve a unique purpose but they do not stir my soul like a good single action.

To me, a purist is one who thinks that everything should be as it left the factory. Right down to the stocks. I think this is what most consider a "purist". I am certainly not a purist. To me, nothing is sacred and unless it's a rare old Colt or S&W, anything is fair game for modification. Factory stocks are always the first thing to go.
You're talking about people who just like older guns, a traditionalist if you will

To me, a purist is one who thinks that everything should be as it left the factory

I have to concur with Craig on this.

And like he, I am not a freak for factory stocks.

While I like the stocks on some...a nice set of goodyears does wonders on .357s.

(I even have them on a Python...ugly to be sure but I shoot it well. And that is its purpose)
I like Craig C's post. I am all over the map myself. I love all sorts of guns most older but I do own a couple of S&W's with locks and a Glock 31C. I love my 60-10. I sometimes carry my 60 (no dash) 3" SB. I don't lose sleep over MIM parts, internal locks or some people's preferences.

I do not carry my Colt SAA .45 LC 5.5" as a CCW. But if you'd like to have it, wait for the estate sale.
No, I enjoy Glocks just as much as I enjoy my .44 special revolvers. I even shoot the .40s&w without feeling guilty.
When I say Purest, I mean no disrespect to anyone. But to me a Purest is a man/woman that carries an older weapon in an older revolver. ie: Ruger Six Series. S&W 27-28-29-24-25. S&W 15 -10. Ruger Blackhawk-Super Blackhawk (pre-80's) Colt Python-Boa-Trooper. Charter Arms Bulldog.(pre80's)
Virginian Dragoon, H&R Forty Niner and such.

What I am really looking at, are guns before the mid 80's. Not all this new stuff in revolvers. But the older weapons. I know we could go wayyyyyy back, but for me, I am looking at these type of weapons, and peolpe that use and carry them.
May I ask why you think a person who carries a revolver is a "purest" (purist)? Would you include somebody who carries a Colt Government or 1903 hammerless or Baby Browning? How about the person who carries only a knife or walking stick? What is the point of the question? What information are you really seeking?

Now, I'm going to make a leap and presume that what you mean to ask is why do some people carry older, blued steel and walnut stocked guns rather than getting with the times and carrying a Glock or Glock-like "modern" pistol. I can only speak for myself...

I'm an old fart who likes steel and walnut and so that's what I own and because it is what I own, what I spent my money on it is what I carry. Being an old fart I know they work, i.e. they function and the cartridges do to the targets what I want them to do to the targets. I don't have to consider any of the things that police officers or soldiers have to consider.

This is what I carry.

Old school...

I have a Colt Python, 4" blued with stag service grips and a Colt Trooper .357, 4" blued. I've been shooting and carrying for quite a while and one of the first revolvers I carried on duty in 1971 was a Trooper .357. I also have a series 70 Combat Commander. I have and enjoy Glocks and Sigs but I admire the craftsmanship in the older guns.
I am a purist, or so I'm told anyway.

My understanding of the term purist (as used on gunboards) is that anyone who despises internal locks, MIM parts, two piece barrels, lousy triggers, ugly designs, cheap finishes or any other idiotic cost cutting measure in their revolvers, is termed a purist.

If this is the current definition of a purist then please label me a purist! :cool:
I guess I am a purest. From time to time I carry my Ruger Police Service Six 4 inch. I also have a S&W model 36 no dash I can carry too.
Pretty pure and what I carry around the place and goes in pocket when I go out. Had a Ca. permit for it until last year.:cuss:
purist, not hardly, I own and shoot and enjoy a variety of stuff
but I best like (and wear) the "good old stuff" largely because I trust it a lot more than "new & improved" of any/all flavors
Alrighty, huntershooter, if you are going to be posting a model 12 pic, then I'll see you. I may reach for the 36-1 j more, but the 12 is a close second!

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