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Arizona: High School High Power Rifle Team Needs Your Donations

Discussion in 'Legal' started by AZRickD, Dec 7, 2004.

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  1. AZRickD

    AZRickD Member

    Jun 16, 2003
    Many of you have heard of the great success of the Arizona Junior High
    Power Rifle Team, having taken 2nd place at Camp Perry, Ohio earlier
    this year.

    For photos see:
    http://www.members.cox.net/azjrhp/azjrhp.htm --and--

    Many of the members of this shooting team (girls and boys) come from the
    Wickenburg High School Rifle Team Yes, you heard right: a high school
    high power rifle team. This over-achieving groups of young guns is
    coached by Rex Powers, a mild-mannered spirit who tells me he will be
    glad to answer your questions at rpowers@[nospam]wickenburg.k12.az.us

    Why would you want to e-mail him? Because he needs your help. No, he
    didn't come to me begging for assistance. I found out about the team and
    decided it was time for some grassroots activism.

    Of course, there was a problem that we've only now begun to fix. The team's donated equipment was (mostly still is) in such a state of
    disrepair including four rifles with completely shot-out barrels (these kids shoot a LOT), that of the 32 individuals who wanted to become a part of the team, two-thirds had to be turned away. Out of seven rifles, only one shoots
    to competitive accuracy. The rules allow three shooters to a rifle (one
    shooting, one scoring, one on target duty), so that's what they are
    forced to do for both competition and practice.

    One kind gentleman has already agreed to replace three of the shot-out
    Rock River Arms barrels (they are back-ordred). We are looking for donations for the fourth replacement. As well, we are looking to purchase at least one Rock River Arms National Match A2 rifle -- and hopefully a few more. All items will be purchased by a local FFL and given to the team at dealer cost. You
    can see the rifle here: http://www.rockriverarms.com at the RRA Custom
    Rifles button. We'll try to get them in kit form at reduced cost because
    Coach Powers likes his students to learn through work. They also have to
    assemble their own ammunition on single-stage presses.

    Phase I

    "But what can I do, Rick? My family is on a tight budget." Yes, as is
    mine. But the State of Arizona has made this activism as painless as can
    be. It is possible (and easy) to take advantage of A.R.S. 43-1089 which
    allows a tax credit of $200 for individuals and $250 for married
    couples, filing jointly, for fees or donations paid to a public school
    in support of extracurricular activities.

    Wickenburg High School's rifle team is one such extracurricular
    activity. This tax credit is so coveted that if you do a google search
    on the term you will find dozens of schools with information about it on
    their web pages, such as Prescott for just one of several examples:
    http://www.prescott.k12.az.us/az_tax_credit.htm And you don't have to
    live in the district to which you are donating.

    If you send a check to the school in the coming THREE weeks (up to December 31), you'll get all of it back when you get your Arizona income tax
    refund next spring. Think of it: you support youth sport, you support
    your Right to Keep and Bear Arms, you make the anti-gunners apoplectic,
    and you get your money back in a few months. Is this cool or what?

    You may not be able to afford the maximum $200/$250. But $25 is better
    than nothing. Another option is to spread your donation over the next
    several weeks. As long as it all get to the school on or before December
    31, your money comes back to you in early 2005.

    Please make checks payable to:

    "Wickenburg High School Rifle Team"

    In the note section write: "Attn: Coach Rex Powers"

    Address the envelope as follows:

    Wickenburg High School Rifle Team
    c/o Coach Rex Powers
    1090 South Vulture Mine Road
    Wickenburg, Arizona 85390

    Phase II

    I spoke to Coach Powers in the early days of last month and we began to brainstorm. I asked him who he competed against at South Mountain on Saturday, was it another high school team? No. Just a bunch of non-aligned high power kids. Schools that still have teams have air rifle teams, not high power teams.

    I wondered out loud how fun it would be if his team had a cross-town high
    school rivalry, say with Mesa Mountain View, or whatever. Naturally he
    said he would love it. He told me that he would have to find a school with a
    school board that was open to the idea, and had a potential coach
    nearby. So I suggested that this search could be a project for him after
    he gets these new rifles set up. But since he competes with dozens of
    non associated kids, perhaps one of the things he should do is to find a
    trio of shooters who go to the same school. Get buy-in from the Board,
    get a coach. Viola...(nearly) instant team. A little help from Friends
    of the NRA, Arizona Rifle and Pistol Association, Cactus League,
    whoever, and it could be a reality.

    Well, heck. If two teams in Maricopa County, why not four? Yes, that
    might take some time to assemble all this, and our resources would be
    spread thin, but with a very small capital outlay, three rifles could
    equate to another nine-member team.

    Suddenly, we don't just have the Wickenburg High Rifle Team, we have the
    Maricopa County High School High Power Rifle Championships. Could a
    state tournament be far away?

    It starts with just one other team. We know there will be barriers (such as conflicting interests and finding dedicated coaches). But if you don't try, you can't succeed.

    It's up to you. We can't do this alone. Rex won't beg, but I will:
    please don't let these kids down.

    Thank you,

    Rick DeStephens
    Glendale, Arizona
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2004
  2. Silver Bullet

    Silver Bullet Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    It doesn't get any better than this, Rick ! I don't know where else we can get as much RKBA "bang" for the buck as we can encouraging teens to shoot, especially in competitions with lots of exposure like this.

    The NRA magazine ran a similar story about Tennessee high schools' girls skeet or trap teams. Very encouraging.

    Count me in for a contribution.
  3. Henry Bowman

    Henry Bowman Senior Member

    Dec 30, 2002
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I'm not big on having kids promote gambling, but... If they really want to raise money from outside their own area, they might consider a raffle of a firearm. Lots of people will hand over $25 or more if there is a chance , however slim, that they may win a valuable and desirable prize. One donated rifle could be turned into at least 5 this way.
  4. Dave P

    Dave P Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    North Florida
    Does PayPal work?
  5. Silver Bullet

    Silver Bullet Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Oops; I accidentally bumped this thread back to the top. Did I really click "Post Reply" ? I guess I did. Hmmm. Well, it would be a major coincidence if I accidentally clicked "Submit Reply"

    ... <click> ...

    Uh-oh, what'd I do ... ?
  6. AZRickD

    AZRickD Member

    Jun 16, 2003
    You are a *very* bad boy.

    Here is a status report from Coach Rex Powers...
    Henry B, as an advocate and oft participant of rifle raffles (I ran two rifle raffles for Bob Stewart's (US v Stewart) legal defense as well as two others for rabidly pro-gun candidates in Arizona, I know the leverage that one of these can do. Problem is, I can't insert myself into this as much as I would like to since I find myself a little on the outside lookin' in at times on this activism. I'll see if Rex would be into it, but it will have to wait a bit. The tax credit (or Arizona residents) is time critical where as we could do the rifle raffle in January. ;) Hmmmm. Ya got me thinkin'.

    Thanks for keeping this thread alive.

    One last thing. We considered PayPal but there is an issue with confirming the tax credit paperwork to Arizona residents. It's a school policy thing that I tried but could not influence.

  7. AZRickD

    AZRickD Member

    Jun 16, 2003
    Looks like we may have found a benefactor

    Matching funds:
  8. Jon Coppenbarger

    Jon Coppenbarger Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    I thought Sierra does some of your sponsership?
    I would think the state shooters association and the clubs that support highpower would also do it (ben avery). raffles or the such need to be registered but are effective.
    We pay all of the lodging and match fees for the juniors and some of the ammo for certain events plus a few dinners thrown in.
    As far as rifles go we provide rifles with good barrels and replace them when needed.
    As far as equipment goes we give the juniors alot of our equipment when we upgrade or change but alot of parents do provide for alot of them.
    You have a large following down there and I am surprized that they do not support the juniors.
    We have 3 clubs here that foot most of the bills for our juniors and the state association donates some every year also for the nationals toward the juniors.
    We have a very successfull raffle a couple times a year to help pay for the juniors that include rifles and shooting equipment.
    Now that is not counting the funds and junior programs conducted by the individual clubs also. We also like to let evryone know at some of the matches that we need jackets, gloves, matts and scopes and stands and we do get alot of those things donated also.

    Everything helps and I hope you get some response to this as the junior programs need to be helped.
    Tell Larry I said HI!
  9. AZRickD

    AZRickD Member

    Jun 16, 2003
    Sierra is one of the sponsors. There are many. But everything is scratching at the dirt. This activism is designed to help Wickenburg build a stronger, more financially secure team that practices more and fund-raises less. A few thousand dollars of donated funds and equipment means for a less burned-out coaching staff, parents and team. -- and another few years of competition.

    Then, with a solid Wickenburg, we can begin next year to create more teams.

    One step at a time.

    BTW, here is a Rex being interviewed on a libertarian radio show (a confused female liberal is on the panel as well).


    Last edited: Dec 12, 2004
  10. muzzle

    muzzle Member

    Dec 8, 2004
    Hi all,

    Sorry it took me so long to get on site. We're in the middle of finals and trying to catch up. If I can answer any questions please let me know. One question that I picked up on was the question about Pay Pal. I talked to the district office finance people and they said that they couldn't do it. I think that it had something to do with being charged a fee which would conflict with public funds issues.
    In other news, we were just at a high power clinic put on by Lianna Hoover who just left the USAMU. Next day(Saturday) took kids to a 60 shot offhand match. This Saturday we have a match at Ben Avery (Phoenix). Keeping busy.
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