Best night sights?

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Nov 16, 2008
Falls Church, VA
I've got green/green Trijicons on my Glock 19. I'm going to purchase a Glock 26 as backup to it soon and I remembered that sights is one of the things to improve on Glocks.

I'm thinking of going with yellow rear/green front Trijicons. Not sure if this would help me focus on the green front sight or not.

I've also seen the big dot ones which seem like they'd help you focus on the front sight since it is bigger.

So... what's the best night sights out there?
glock night sites

I have heard if you order a glock with glock night sites(meprolites) they have the tennifer finish and have pretty large dots as well.
I prefer Trijicon to Meprolight, but my experience is limited to 2 sets of the former, and one of the latter.

Perhaps I got a bad set of the Meprolights. They were not as bright, and the lenses were cloudy, as opposed to the polished sapphire lenses on the Trijicons.
get meprolight over trijicon. they have larger tritium capsules, cost substancially less, and are much easier to acquire in day light ( wider rings around the tube). which is important, since i doubt you will be shooting 24/7 in dark conditions.

trust me, youll be kicking yourself buying another set of trijicons for their "polished sapphire". maybe, in a world where meprolights used inferior glass, with some crappy kind of radioactive waste.. then trijicon would have an edge to boast on. but they dont because H3 tritium is H3 tritium.. no matter if you buy from ameriglo, heine, trijicon, MMC, or mep. and having a polished lens is only going to attract light back into the capsules.

chances are, highorder just got a bad or old set of sights that have been sitting on a shelf for years. happens all the time. always check the date to make sure your getting 'fresh' tritium

btw, if you buy mep, you can use the money you saved to buy a new magazine or box of ammo..
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I put Meprolites on my Glock 26 and I like them. I had the Tru-Glow fiber optic sight on it for a short while, but I didn't care for it. The Meps are nice and bright and the large white O-ring around the capsules makes picking them up during daylight easier. I prefer them over the Trijicons, too.

When I had my Glock I used Warren Tactical sights. They also use Trijicon inserts. Very nice sights, check them out for sure.
I prefer Meprolight over Trijicon. I have both on various guns and the Meps seem to work better for me in both dim light and full daylight situations.

Ive got Trijicons on my SP-01, came from the factory like that. They work for me, but I dont have anything to compare too really. I did order a set of Meprolights for my XD(green/green), so after Christmas I should have some comparison.

I have a Big Dot sight on my Kahr PM9(still dont have the rear, another story) The Big Dot is bright and very easy to see. Theres a big discussion on M4C about Big Dots and the pros and cons of them. The tend to lead to faster follow up shots, but tend to lack when making a very accurate shot especially at long distances.
But for low light, night time shooting any type of night sight will be miles above a standard white dot sight.
Trijicons do not have as large of a white outline compared to Mepros, but they use a rubber outline to cushion the tritium vials against shock. Trijicon also uses better quality tritium vials which last longer. I worked with the armorers at FLETC and have compared various night sights in use in Federal service. Mepros and Trijicons are the most used. There are a number of Sigs dated at 1992-1995 with factory installed Trijicons(at this time Trijicon was the factory supplier) and they still have enough glow to them for use. They have also seen over a decade of abusive cadet training and virtually none of the vials have been broken. The Meprolights are a different story. FLETC started mounting Mepros on agency Sigs in 1998 since they were a savings. Most of them have faded considerably after only 5 years of service, and in the training academy quite a few of them have had broken vials, or the inserts have fallen out. You get what you pay for.......go Trijicon for hard use and long lifetime.
The mepros on my Kimber are starting to fade after 5 years. I UW'd chemistry, but there is something NOT equal about them. Never had a problem with trijicon.

I'm thinking I'll need to replace them with Trijicon, one of the styles with a notch cut in the front for emergency cocking.
After owning both, Meps over Trijicons. Bigger green dots at night, bigger white dots during the day.

Heinie Slant Pro Straight-8s are my favorite sight out there. If my glock 19 didn't already have glock factory night sights, I'd have to buy the Heinie sights over Meps and Trijicons.
Take a look at the True Glo sights. They are much more visible in daylight with the fiber optic tubes plus have the Tritium for night. The transition is much better IMO than the other Night sights I have.
i like and use trijicon night sights.
the great thing about the glock is how easy it is to install night sights.

IMHO the best sights on the market for defense is XS 24/7 Big dot night sights. Big white circle in the front with a tritium insert, and a vertical line in the back. you dot the "I" and you are good to go. they are fast for first shots and follow up and they really come into thier own when shooting moving tragets, and/or when you are moving, and even better yet when you are moving shooting at moving targets.
Thanks for all the responses. So from what I read Mepro is nicer bc the dots are bigger, but may not last as long as the Trijicons. But the XS definitely has the biggest dot. I saw a guy using one at the range last time I went and it seemed to be pretty fast to acquire the target.

I'm probably going to go with the XS 24/7 Big Dot for the G26 and then compare with the Trijcon green/green on the G19. Then if either is a lot better, switch the other so it matches.
good choice, the xs sights are the way to go, and don't let people tell you that you can't hit targets at distance, this is totally untrue.
I have Ameriglo night sights with a green front and a yellow rears that are great. I would recommend then without reservation.
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