Bolt Action Rifle for Recoil Sensitive Shooter

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Apr 11, 2007
So I shot my friend's 7.62.51 AK. And after 3 shots I've had enough. I'm a tall skinny guy, and the recoil was just too much.

Now, I want to get an AR15 .223, and that recoils very well for my taste. I however want to get a bolt action rifle as well.

Firend recomends 22-250, or .223. A varmin style rifle, something I can have fun shooting cans at 100 yards, and something that would perform well up to say 300 yards.

Please recomend a model and caliber. Price is not a big issue ($1000 or less), and something with GOOD accuracy and nice crisp trigger. And of course, light recoil is a must. Something I and petit wife can both shoot :)

Get a Past (sp?) recoil shield from Midway. Straps on your sholder. You can fire anything all day long and not be worse for wear.
Are you planning to just shoot paper or do you plan to hunt? The answer to that question will help us narrow our answers down.
He said cans and vermin out to 300 yards in his first post.

The CZ-527 in .223 I suggested seems very well suited to that use.

I've found putting a silencer on a rifle brings the recoil (and noise) down dramatically. I shot a friend's 300 win-mag equipped with an SRT Shadow 30-caliber can; that gun felt like a gentle push on the shoulder. I'm a bit recoil sensitive and never really enjoyed shooting any caliber much bigger than 7.62x39, but that 300WM was a pussy cat.

If you want to drop the recoil of whatever rifle you have even further, put a silencer on it.

For just punching paper and the occasional varmint out to 300yd, its hard to beat 223.

When compared to the 223, the 22-250 will have marginally more recoil (still not much) and will cost a little bit more to shoot.
I am recoil sensitive, and my 270 win with 110 grain spitzer Boat tails with a 3 grains below max 4064 powder are a pure joy to shoot. If you reload, many calibers can be loaded down to very comfortable loads, and still be accurate.
Ruger makes a surprisingly accurate M77VT model, which is available in .223, .22-250 and .243.

This is a departure for Ruger. Heavy free-floated barrel, decent (1-1/2 lb) target trigger, and consistent accuracy for the model (rather than the some are good, some aren't story...)

It is around 10 lbs, 11.5 lbs with a decent varmint scope. With this weight, even the .243 doesn't have much recoil.

I have one in .243 and I love it.
AK-47's tend to bounce off your shoulder and have terrible stocks.

Gun fit, stock shape, recoil pads, etc. make a huge difference.

I'm not saying you should run out and grab a .458 Winchester; however, you might want to try something besides an AK before deciding that a .308 is too much.

OTOH for paper punching, unless you shoot really long distances or want to hunt big game, a .223 is an ideal mix of good accuracy, high velocity, low price and low recoil.
Quoth rcmodel:

CZ-527 American.
There is no better or more accurate light sporting rifle in .223 being made today for the money.

And it comes with a single-set trigger!

Yea, verily. I'm a big fan of the CZ-527, and CZ bolt rifles in general.

The 527 Varmint model also comes in at under $1k MSRP. You might want to have a look at that one.
I agree on the cz but if you want to do some plinking and fun shooting you owe it to yourself to check out the cz 527 carbine. Just a pleasure to handle and the shorter barrel does not affect accuracy. 500-600 at gunbroker.
Me being me price is always an issue... Gunbroker usually has a couple Remington 700 adl's in .22-250 or .223 for under $500... Then you'd have money left over for ammo and a good scope!!
So I shot my friend's 7.62.51 AK. And after 3 shots I've had enough. I'm a tall skinny guy, ........

......And of course, light recoil is a must. Something I and petit wife can both shoot :)

You tall and skinny and your wife petite? You are talking about two different rifles if you want the rifle to fit. Good fit is one of the keys to recoil management.

If you want new rifles, there are many to choose from. For something a little different for your wife, why don't you find her a Savage 99 takedown model in 250-3000 Savage caliber. It is unique, often found with a shorter stock and the round kicks (recoils) very little.

For you, I would probably recommend something along the lines of Tikka, Savage or Remington 700 in either .223, .243 or .22-250.
right now the savage f/tr and varmint class rifles, are the best out of the box most accurate rifes being sold right now, and they are under 1000 bucks. 1 dude, a savage team shooter, took a stock f/tr rifle , out of the box, and shot a
.785 group , at 600 yds!!!! awesome now then, the f class rifle, and the varmint class rifle, are both heavy; the f/tr is a bench rest monster, and approaches 17 lbs, I think, the varint style is closer to 12 lbs, i think.
for a light 223, that is accurate, a cz 527 american is double tough to beat, but you are limited to bullets weight 62 grains or less; here are some 100 yds test shots;
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