Bought the "work sharp" by Boker - first impressions.

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Feb 28, 2008
After someone mentioning this thing device recently ... i
went on Tilt - and just ordered it.

And i must say .. for being this small and handy, it´s a rather good deal.

Comes with a kitchen knife "stencil" and one for pocket-knife and scissor blades.

3 types of bands included, the last one being a polishing band.

I´m pretty happy so far. Especially since i put my 2 Glock M78 knives through it. Hand sharpening those was almost impossible!
What i like most is the fact you can use it while watching TV
and simply touch up a few blades, while relaxing at the same time.
It´s handheld .. no workbench needed.

For me, it´s pretty perfect. It will follow me, when i go camping as well!


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To each his own.

I like the combination of watching Family Guy, drinking beer and
sharpening my knives :D
I just got a Work Sharp myself. While I love knives- obsessed might be a good word- I do not enjoy sharpening them. Nor am I particularly good at it. This seems like a great piece of equipment as far as I'm concerned.
Same here Il Duca :)

It´s also amazing to see which knives spark and which don´t.
Gives some info an RC, imho.
Interesting tool but I need both hands for sharpening unless the blade is being otherwise held like a mounted lawn mower blade.
I've never used the Work Sharp in particular, but I'd offer this word of caution about powered sharpeners: they can get a knife nice and sharp, but they can also remove a lot of steel in short order. It mightn't be a problem with this one, but keep an eye on it and be careful not to eat your knives up.

Just got one. Nice tool.
Jason, you are right. It doesn't take long to get an edge. Over grinding is definitely a possibility
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