Bubba can Re-Blue!

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Sep 1, 2009
Fort Payne, Alabama
Greetings Ladies and Gents of the High Road. I have been working all summer on learning to slow rust blue firearms. I sought a better solution after trying cold blue, that was a joke. It rusted the first week. So I ordered the Wheeler boiling tank and Pilkington's Classic American Rust Blue from Midwayusa. I made the boiler out of an old gas grill. It dosen't get hot enough to completely boil the water, but hot enough to do the job. My first guinea pig was a Mossberg Model 600 C-Lect choke that belongs to a friend. I blued the barrel, choke selector, and the bolt that bolts the barrel to the magazine tube. The magazine tube was missing, so I had to order a new one. The receiver is aluminum, so it got Duracoated in gun blue color, and baked in the oven. So far, these parts have been finished for about a month in the humid Alabama weather, and have not rusted a bit. I am very excited, this is long process with very rewarding results. The pictures aren't great, but the best I can do. Sorry for no before pics of the shotgun, but trust me, it was as beaten as a beater could get!


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Looks good! May I recommend a better background though? Something in crimson and white would add to the pics tremendously!
Thank you Jimmy. Your talking to a born and raised Tide fan, but I am married to a wonderful woman who is a former Auburn student athlete and is at present working on a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine there. I love her, but you can't get away from the blue and orange with her in the house.
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I feel your pain slicksleeve! My better half also is of the orange and blue persuasion. Great work on the Mossberg(in spite of the marital affliction) :)
It won't be so bad married to a doctor. I tell her I'm gonna take it easy after she gets working and making the big bucks! She's a gun enthusiast, just not to the point I am.
slicksleeve, one of my friends who does a lot of rust bluing uses the pilkington's for the first coat then the brownells brand of rust blue solution on the remaining coats.
he said the pilkington's gets a better first bite but after that they both work about the same, only its much cheaper if your planning on doing a lot of rust bluing.
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