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Buck X-Tract review

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by TimboKhan, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. TimboKhan

    TimboKhan Moderator

    Apr 15, 2005
    Greeley, CO
    Walmart.com recently had Buck Whittaker X-Tract on closeout for $22.00 apiece, and that seemed like a pretty good deal, so I bought one. I included a pic so that you may gaze upon it.

    My first impression, unfortunately, is that it seems a little cheap. It isn't loose or anything like that, but the blade itself just doesn't seem all that substantial, at least in terms of a hard-use multitool. The pliers are small, but functional, and the screwdrivers are actually pretty ingenious, although time will tell if they stand up to use. One interesting thing is that everything locks into place, which is handy.

    In terms of field usage, this knife will never be a choice. For not much more money, I can buy a basic Leatherman and have an American made tool of proven quality, and be much happier. However, this isn't to say that I am totally disappointed in the X-Tract. It makes an absolutely wonderful computer and small task tool around the house. The pliers aren't something I would want to trust doing heavier work, but loosing the thumbscrews on my light fixtures, loosening and tightening (jeez, did I spell that right?) down the awkward thumbscrews on my monitor cables, and a whole host of other little minor chores are all made easier with this little tool. The screwdrivers have proven to be very useful, again on my computer, but I also used them to work on my vacuum (another case of the pliers coming in handy) and do a couple other little things and was completely happy. The knife blade is dandy at 100 basic things that I need to do through the course of the day around the house. The can opener has yet to be used except to test it out, and well, it worked like a can opener, which is to say that I wasn't shocked at all.

    All in all, I don't think I would recommend this tool at much over 20 dollars. I think it is unsuitable compared to a basic Leatherman when it comes to general work and I don't even think I would throw it in the glovebox, as I just can't see what good it would do. It absolutely pales in comparison to the higher end multi-tools from Leatherman, Gerber, etc.. Really, in terms of quality, it doesn't even hold up that well to the average SAK, although at it's price, it has many more features than a comparable SAK. However, at around $20.00, it makes a fantastic little "house knife". Something you can throw in the junk drawer or whatever for light tasks, or you can do what I do and just keep it on the desk for occasional use.

    For it's price, and for the role that I have found it fills, not a bad deal. If you don't have those needs, or if they are already covered, I wouldn't say it would be worth your time.

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