California ALERT! Semi-autos in danger!

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Got my reply back from DOJ, typo and all. :barf:

"Your e-mail with question(s)/comment(s) regarding the Department's proposed regulations has been received. Your submission will be included in the formal rulemaking file submitted to he Office of Administrative Law (OAL).

Jeff Amador, Field Representative
DOJ Firearms Divison"

We'll see what happens now. I'm guessing they will not seriously consider any of our e-mails.
I was born and raised in a small Nor Cal town (I live in Ventura County now).
As a kid it was not uncommon for me to see people open carry. I was never scared by that in fact I would usually walk up and ask the person what kind of gun they had, where they liked to shoot etc. I'm pretty discouraged by the present state of affairs and often feel like I'm one of a very small minority.
Even though I don't post many comments on THR, I find it refreshing to hear people sharing similar views here.

Would I like to live in "Free America"? YES!. But for now there are many reasons I must stay here. Do any of you guys shoot at Angeles Crest?
I get up there every two or three weeks.
You are not alone. What I run across more than anything is people who like to shoot and believe in the RKBA, but have been asleep to changes happening around us. My sister and her husband, both of whom you can hardly even talk to during hunting season since they hunt non-stop, had no idea about most of the legal changes in the last ten years. They just were not paying attention. I make it a point to try and get people pay attention now.
I was a guest at a science fiction convention in LA over Tgiving. Despite a sizeable contingent of dope-smoking morons (some still wearing Kucinich shirts) threatening to assassinate Bush and talking about how wonderful it would be to impeach him which would "force Cheney to resign to avoid answering 'those' questions" so Pegrossi would be prez, I got no flak over a rolling slideshow behind my table, showing these images among others:

It seems most of them do support owning weapons. The dope smoking hippies just don't support it enough to stop voting for the loony left.

Who says drugs don't harm society?
You had a TABLE?

Man, if I'd known, I'd have considered going.

Don't tell me John was there. He owes me dinner.
Nope, no John. Pro-2A writers included Brad Linaweaver, Larry Niven, Dr Jerry Pournelle, Dr Harry Turtledove, Greg Donahue (there as attendee only, but still), probably Karen Anderson though I can't say for sure, Todd McCaffrey, and probably Mike Engleberg.
At what point do you Californians revolt?

I'm wondering how hard everyone would laugh if I tried to start a revolution...

As for the DOJ emails... sounds like there gonna stick all the letters they get in an envelope and never open it again... if they even bother to print them out!
If you look at the documentation that the NRA submitted about these regulations, you will see copies of emails from one DoJ employee in the firearms division, Allison Merilees, colluding directly with the Brady Campaign about what actions she needs to take in this case.

The mission statement of the DoJ syas they are supposed to provide unbiased enforcement of the law.
That is already being looked into, and it is going to be brought up when the 'proposed administrative change' is put up to the OAL, who has to approve the regulation before it can be put in force.
ArgH!!! worse, you can hate Berkeley that much more for giving the statre this bright idea in the first place, we already have a fairly unenforcable version of this nonsense >


Section 13.74.020 Definitions.

A. For purposes of this chapter, the term "semi-automatic weapons" means any semi-automatic action rifle or carbine with a barrel of sixteen inches or more, which accepts a detachable magazine with a capacity of more than five rounds, which fires a single projectile for each single pull of the trigger, including but not limited to the following weapons, their copies, or weapons manufactured to reasonably resemble: AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifles, AR- 180 semi-automatic assault rifles, Uzi semi-automatic assault rifles or carbines, Ingram Mac-10 semi-automatic assault carbines, Ingram Mac-II semi-automatic assault carbines, Heckler and Koch 93 semi-automatic assault rifles, Heckler and Koch 91 semi-automatic assault rifles, Heckler and Koch 94 semi-automatic assault carbines, AKS-47 semi-automatic assault rifles, AKM-47 semi-automatic assault rifles, Avtomat Kalashnikov weapons of all varieties, M1-A semi-automatic assault rifles, M1 semi-automatic carbine, Thompson semi-automatic carbines, Auto Ordinance semi-automatic carbines of all varieties, and Fox-45 semi-automatic carbine.
B. For purposes of this chapter, the term "person" means any individual, corporation, company, association, firm, partnership, club, or society.
C. Notwithstanding anything in this section to the contrary, the term "semi-automatic weapon" shall not include any weapons, the sale or possession of which is expressly authorized by or which is required to be licensed or registered under state law, including but not limited to Penal Code Section 12200 ("machine gun"), Sections 12021 and 12025 (pistol, revolver or other firearm which is capable of being concealed upon one's person), Section 12020(b)(1), (5), (7), (8), (9), (10), (11), and/or (12) (including antique or relic firearm, or movie prop), Section 12020(c) (short-barreled rifle or shotgun), or Section 12031 (carrying a loaded firearm in a public place or a vehicle.) (Ord. 5909-NS § 2, 1989)
It seems most of them do support owning weapons. The dope smoking hippies just don't support it enough to stop voting for the loony left.

Who says drugs don't harm society?

come on now, get it right. as long as dope is illegal, hippies have to vote for the left.
they're already breaking drug laws, people who want guns will have them too.
at least by voting left dope is near legal here.

when people who vote by gun issues only are ready to trade gun rights for drug rights, we'll have something.
I have hated hippies all my life.

and there you have it.

we can hate each other, and get nowhere, vote against each other to the end of time.
eventually Ca will be all hippy freaks. with crazy restrictive gun laws and a population that does 90% of it's shopping on the black market.

i dont think im gonna be able to properly convey this message, ugh.

i guess it's the same argument- outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns right, ? - well loony lefters are already outlaws....

SO for them to hear the above logic, the have to be brought inside the law first.. make any sense?
when people who vote by gun issues only are ready to trade gun rights for drug rights, we'll have something.

It's a sarcastic comment of mine as an anarchic-leaning Libertarian. I have no problem with drugs.*

*I just want the Left to stop using them long enough to come back to planet Earth.
Well I've talked to CHP, San Rafael PD, Twin Cities PD, San Anselmo PD, Tiburon PD, Santa Rosa PD, Rohnert Park PD, Petaluma PD, Napa PD, Napa County SO, Marin County SO, Sonoma County SO, Humbolt County SO, CDC, FBI, ATF, and DEA. I couldn't find a SINGLE LEO that said they would arrest someone for having an off-list AR. In fact, %99.9 of the officers I've spoken with (about 75 total) wern't even aware of the off-list dealings of late. When 'informed' about the off-list craze (and the pinned mag deal explained) they ALL basically told me that unless someone used one of these rifles in a crime then it's not going to be a problem for them. And! Even if they DID use the weapon in a crime, the weapon itself is still technically legal and that would have no legal bearing on the situation. So basically, in a nutshell, (from my experiences) most LEOs consider an AR with a pinned mag about as illegal as a musket. Food for thought.

As far as the drugs go.. well, I think you should say Marijuana instead of 'drugs'. Of course marijuana is a drug but it's not really comparable to drugs like alcohol, heroin, cocaine, or meth. I don't want to say that Marijuana is 'good' or that it's not harmful, but come on... How many people beat their wife while stoned? How many people go rob a bank after smoking a joint? The number of crimes commited under the influence of alcohol alone dwarfs the number of marijuana related incidents. (dont have an actual figure) You may say, "That's because alcohol is legal and pot isn't!" That would seem to make sense, but how hard do you really think it is for someone to find a bag of pot in this country?

I like to think of myself as a neutral party. I don't smoke marijuana, but I have in the past, many times. I love guns. I love America. I love freedom. When you start saying comments like this; "Who says drugs don't harm society?", Your basicaly making the same argument as the anti's. To assume that all leftists smoke pot or that all pot smokers are leftist is just outright insane. Coming from a gun owner, it's also hypocritical.
Sarcasm. S A R C A S M! or in this that, "sarchasm" because there's a gulf that's not being crossed:)

I can't see why most LEOs would care about the weapon itself. They're looking more for the criminal mindset. And now that you mention it, a few of them may go looking for off-list lowers.:)

Do they have to have fixed magazines? I thought the loophole allowed detachables.
No, the loophole is that you can have an AR15 with the magazine release button replaced with a hex bolt, when you tighten the bolt the magazine is 'fixed'. Folks here don't really mind the fixed mag because we don't have very many 'tactical' ranges around here, and most places have a "No Rapid Fire" rule, so needing fast reloads is basically pointless. We like the fact that they are true AR15's (except for mag button) and not some cheesy FAB-10. Also, If we travel out of state it's a 2 min task to restore full function.

The CA DOJ sent out a memo basically saying this type of setup is illegal, however, according to the standing law it's legal. Most LEOs would side with rational middle class gun owners like you and me (and the law) before the DOJ, IMHO.

You nra don t do diddly untell the anty s try to push an bill of some type,then you hoop and hollar.try an good offence and take back that we ve lost:mad: oklahoma,former califonian
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