California DOJ to return confiscated rifles.

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Wow. This sounds alot like something that happened outside my town almost eleven years ago. Let's see. No crime committed, no warrants issued. Hmm. It also sounds like the Cowboy-Cops-Looking-For-A-Bust are learning as well. Go after the non-criminals one at a time. I think it's really sad that the response to abuses of police power is to say, well, if we don't defend ourselves, maybe they won't hurt us too bad. Is that what you would say to any other criminal? "Here mr. bad guy. take my gun, just please don't hurt me with it. Or rape my wife, or steal my property."
No offense to the upstanding, trustworthy LEO's out there, but does a uniform and a badge make theivery, breaking and entering, and assault legal?

I am now more convinced than ever that Kali needs to move even further left...

I think maybe about 2 or 300 miles should be deep enough.
Any word on when that "big one" is supposed to take care of this problem?
gun dealer records?

Greetings from S. Ohio. Gee I thought gun dealer records were actually tax records. Did they have warrants to demand those records? Sounds like both doj troops and gun dealers would be in violation. Might be an interesting way to liven up the situation. BTW.. you can sue a police officer as an individual for violating your civil rights...good part is, he cant use taxpayer funds to defend himself.
From the documents on Robinson Armament website...

On March 21,2001, Robinson Armament requested a determination on whether or not the M96 is considered a banned weapon in California.

On March 25, 2001, the highest ranking member in their justice system, the Attorney General, is unable or unwilling to make a decision. So he doesn't rule yes or no, informing Robinson Armament that it is up to the local district attorney's interpretation for their jurisdiction.

On February 10, 2003, An individual asks for clarification on the legality of firearms based on their "evil features."

In their reply of May 1, 2003, the Attorney General states the if the evil features are removed from the firearm, the firearm would no longer be considered an assault weapon and therefore, would be legal in California. This means the M96 is legal in California.

On November 25, 2003, this very same justice department, using the best Gestapo tactics, scours the state, confiscating all of the M96 rifles they can find, only to change their mind and conclude the M96 is legal.

The only correct decision the Justice Department made was to return the rifles to their owners instead of destroying them anyway.
searching the CPRA website does not reveal this item or any mention of the M96

i need a source on this doc

i can use this article if its real

i googled phrases from the article and found nothing either
"...the urging of CRPA ..."

Yea, the DOJ thinks it's embarrassed now, wait until the NRA comes to our defense about the nature and methodology of the seizures and stuff. Hey Mike Haas, when is the doody really gonna hit the fan??
You have to pay to get the link to the CPRA article.

I got it because I am on email alerts from the CPRA.
To quote Standing Wolf, "Yeah, but we're not a police state."

I'm beginning to have second thoughts on buying my firearms in any way that involves a 4473...
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