Can't find grips for High Standard Supermatic Trophy Model 106

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Sep 19, 2006
New Jersey
Hi everyone,

As my title suggests, i have been looking for grips for my High Standard Super Matic Trophy Model 106 for 2 years. Problem is, they have righty grips and I am a Lefty. I have looked at all the gun sale web sites with no luck. I would love to buy an authentic HS ambidexterous set, or a lefty set at the least. I would even be willing to have them made. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Try here if you haven't:

If it had the walnut grips with a thumb rest, I didn't know they had an ambi set.

Numrick's might have something, but I haven't checked. They do carry parts for the H.S. of that era. I bought some parts there, but make sure it's the exact part you bargained for first.

Good luck
Pachmayer made their ambidextrous grips for the 106's. Don't know if they still do. I got a set for my port sided son in law.

I'd grab the L/H grip set in Brownell's in a New York minute if I still had any of those pistols. In the 1970's I was shooting bullseye competitions with High Standards, both barrels on two pistols and it took me over a year to locate a pair of the OEM lefthand thumbrest slabs. Amazing to see them in stock at Brownell today.

I shaved one pair of R/H grips and bought one Herrett's carved thumbrest grip, the ones where you traced your hand on their order sheet and waited months for your grips. (they didn't make their adjustable grip in lefthand at the time)

It used to really be a handicap to be lefthanded in bullseye shooting.
I have a set of ambi Walnut grips on my Supermatic Tournament Military. My brother got them for me from Brownells. I like the RH thumbrest grips, but my son is a lefty so I put the ambis on.
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