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Century Made Yugo M70AB2 - issues?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by briang2ad, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. briang2ad

    briang2ad Member

    Sep 3, 2005
    I have heard some very good reports on these, but..

    someone has posted the flyer which states that they are made with US recievers AND barrels (new). Is this good/bad/ugly?
  2. PAC 762

    PAC 762 Member

    Jan 27, 2004
    US Barrels are a good thing. The Yugo kits were imported mostly with sewer-pipe barrels. The were not chrome lined and were used during the war with corrosive ammo. Even if the US barrels are not chrome lined, you're still getting a new bore.
  3. rbernie
    • Contributing Member

    rbernie Member

    Jan 21, 2004
    Norra Texas
    Does it say Century on it? Do they build it rather that import it? Run away, run away!

    Once upon a time, I bought (sight-unseen) a Mauser action built/reworked by the angry beavers at Century Arms International into a commercial sporter. Long story short, damned if those idjits didn't screw the barrel into the receiver crooked. Seriously. The receiver was a loss, the barrel was a loss, the stock was worthless anyway, and about the only thing worth saving out of the whole mess was the bolt. That was a $185 lesson in CAI gunsmithing prowess and quality control.

    Dunno how badly they can screw up an AK design, but if anyone can it'll be them.
  4. Carl N. Brown

    Carl N. Brown Member

    May 10, 2005
    Kingsport Tennessee
    I took a chance on Century's M70AB2

    Our CIA Yugo underfolders finally arrived yesterday after months
    of anticipation. To make a long story long:

    My son, two cousins, and a ATV riding buddy dropped by a local gun
    shop in January and saw a Yugo underfolder. One cousin is a pure
    military buff--AKs, ARs, Ruger Minis (yeah I know), P38s, etc.
    He owned several AKs over the years and thought these looked
    really good.

    My son will buy stuff like Austrian Army cigarette lighters because
    he thinks that stuff is cool. He loves looking at how other people
    solve problems. The accessories kit intrigued him. I think he would
    have bought the accessories kit without the rifle.

    He was going to order one for himself and one as a surprise for me.
    Not quite a surprise, because he knew the guns were a Century
    International Arms build, and wanted my opinion first. Not being
    a big AK expert (more of an ex-spurt, has been-big drip) I turned
    to sources like THR ;) where I find opinions worth listening to.
    Weighing all advice, I concurred with the order.

    They were backordered. In the meantime, I found a dealer at a gun
    show who had the CIA Yugo underfolders with accessories kit.
    Over $600.00. Every phone call to our dealer was the same: CIA says
    they are on backorder.

    They came in yesterday 15 March. Finally. At price quoted in January.
    Supposedly the last of the last eight hundred made by CIA. (I hate to
    start a rumor that might not be true, but that was what I was told
    for whatever it is worth.)

    The gun is a Yugo M70AB2 on a Dan Coonan Industries (DCI) stamped
    receiver (1.5 or 1.6mm thick RPK type, not the usual 1mm light AK
    type). Heavy. Finish is a new parkerized grey style finish. Minor
    dents or dings on the furniture. Metal finish is what I expect in
    a new military issue.

    The USA made parts count is the responsibility of the builder; since
    CIA did the build (and I would not attempt a slingshot build by myself),
    I do not know the USA parts count past the receiver and barrel.

    The grenade sight appears to cut off the gas when the sight is raised.
    In the lowered position, it shields the gas piston from external damage.

    The flip up front sight has a white dot for low visibility. The two
    dots on the rear flip up sight are finished over but may have contained
    glo-in-the-dark material when new (you can degrease and add white paint).

    The block that holds the pivot for the folding stock is solid at the
    rear precluding mounting a fixed stock (but why buy an underfolder
    if you want a fixed stock?)

    The accessories kit includes:
    - one Yugo magazine with last-shot hold-open follower;
    - one typical aftermarket magazine with standard follower;
    - leather sling;
    - oil bottle;
    - cleaning kit: metal tube containing slot tip, chamber brush, screwdriver;
    - bayonet with woodsaw back and sheath that makes a wire cutter;
    - belt pouch with pockets for oil bottle, cleaning kit and three magazines.
    Price: 469.00 plus sales tax plus 10.00 background check. Same retail price
    quoted us in January; from other sources, CIA wholesales them at 420.00.

    First Range session today, shooting at 75 yards, Once I realized the
    battle sight zer was too high and the 100 m was too low, I put my last
    six shoots (with 200 m setting) in 3 1/4 x 2 inxhes at 75 yards. With
    my eyesight, shooting a group smaller than the width if the sight blade
    is good. Ammo was Finnish 1973.

    My only complaint is that the sharp corners on the rear of the receiver
    could have been rounded, but I do not know if an original Yugo would
    have sharp or "melted" corners.

    "Build" and "melt": I have picked up a lot of lingo, I hope I am using
    it correctly ;) .


    Part of the antipathy I have heard toward both SOG (Southern Ohio Gun)
    and CIA (Century International Arms) is that, if you adopt an acronym
    similar to Special Operations Group, Studies and Observations Group, or
    Central Intelligence Agency :) , you had better toe the line 24/7/365
    and 366 on leap years. Both SOG and CIA have had their SNAFUS over the
    years. My Yugo M70AB2 appears to be a new leaf for CIA.
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