CFE Pistol 9mm FMJ Loads?

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Oct 28, 2014
North DFW, TX
Found some CFE Pistol at cabelas today. I figured I'd buy 2 lbs. the Hodgdon Load Data shows loads for LRN and HP only for 115gr. I'm shooting some 115gr FMJ's. I made up 15rds of the HP min load. That's 5.3gr. The max on HP is 5.9gr. I didn't want to get close to the max HP loads until I went through a few minimum loads. Anybody played with CFE Pistol loads yet. Specifically FMJ.
I've used it with Berry's 124 grain plated round nose bullets at 5.0 grains of CFE Pistol, OAL 1.160. I liked the load, fairly soft shooting. Averages 1052.4 fps over the chrono with a 20.6 SD at that load out of a Beretta PX4. Federal 115 grain FMJ shoots 1151.8 fps out of the same gun. The ballistics curve works out essentially the same on both bullets, with the 115 grain Federal having a slight energy edge at the muzzle, but the 124 grain Berry's bullet having the edge after 100 yards.
I haven't loaded any FMJ in 115 gr. But did load up Berry's 115 gr. RN, plated. The COAL was 1.140". The bullets are .560" in length. 5.6 gr. is where I felt they were near max. With Remington 1 1/2 primers and once (or twice) fired R-P casings, the results in a 5 shot string was;
4 " barrel

The only jacketed I have done is with Precision Delta's JHP. But that is incomplete. Didn't get to max with last round of loads.

All in all, I like the CFE Pistol powder. :)
I've loaded berry's 115 gr 9x19 with up to 5.9 grains of cfe pistol in a glock 19. It was warm but not outrageous. My favorite load is around 5.6-5.7
I've loaded both coated and plain lead 124 gr lrn with 5.0gr CFE-Pistol to a length of 1.150" and love it. Best shooting and metering powder I've used in 9mm. I prefer it over BE-86. Static was awful with BE-86. It stuck to everything, had some even stick to the inside of a case!
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