Chinese Ithaca 37

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Oct 14, 2006
I found a Jing An HL-12 by CIA. its a copy of the Ithaca 37, the one I found is used but in like new condition. The price is $179, how good are they? and do the stocks interchange with the Ithacas. I alway's wanted an Ithaca with a pistol grip, the price looks real good, is it to good to be real? :confused:any info appriciated, thanks in advance.
Well made and will give good service. The Ithaca stocks will fit but some may need a little fitting.

Here is a picture of one with factory GRS and Metal heat shield so everyone will know what we are talking about. They are no longer being imported.


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I have one of these Chinese clones. It has never given me any problems what so ever. Mine came with a ghost ring sight and heat shield. I paid $129 for it a few years ago.
There's another post here dated today about a guy who found an 870 for $180. That's a better deal.

Clones may be good. There's no track record on them like on the 37, 870, etc. The classics do have the track record and are oft sold for similar amounts.

Buy American....
i bought one a couple years ago to keep at my shop...i've only put 20-30 rounds through it, but it's never had any problems...
Mine will only feed two rounds without double feeding. I need to get it fixed. Think my Dad paid $125.
I don't have the Norinco Ithaca 37 copy but have one of the Remington 870 Police copies and haven't had any problems with it.
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