Colt-Burgess Double Rifle/Shotgun?

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Feb 20, 2013
Well, I went to the antique fair in Round Top, TX last week and one of the dealers there had one of the most interesting guns I have ever seen. Walking by, I saw what appeared to be a Colt Burgess lever action rifle. Not the rarest gun around, but I had never seen one in person, so I went in for a closer look. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a second smaller lever below the main one used to work the action. That’s when I realized that it was actually two lever actions sandwiched together with one stock and fore end! How cool is that? A side by side lever action! Noticing my interest, the dealer came over and started telling me more about the gun. He claimed it was a one-off custom double rifle/shotgun that Andrew Burgess built for himself, with the right half being a .44 cal rifle manufactured by Colt during their brief production run and the left half being a 28 gauge shotgun. The dealer said that Burgess bought the rifle half from Colt and designed and built the shotgun, stock and fore end himself. I have no way of verifying what he said, but he had a sign hanging with it that read:

Unique One of a Kind Colt-Burgess Lever Action Rifle No. 770
Altered Personally By The Inventor To a Double Rifle /Shotgun 1883
Auctioned as part of the Gerald Fox Collection at Southeby Parke Bernet in 1973, with full provenance, documentation, Colt Letter showing shipment to Burgess and pictured and discussed in detail by Samuel Maxwell in his book “Lever Action Magazine Rifles” pg. 320

I didn’t get a chance to handle it. (I was too chicken to even ask since the asking price was $73,000. :eek: yeah, yeah I know, nothing ventured, nothing gained) However, I was able to take a few pictures. Just thought I would share my interesting find with y’all and see if anyone here had ever seen or heard of this interesting gun before.


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Very interesting find! I wonder how the other side of the gun was set-up to load shotgun shells. Thanks for sharing this one of kind double rifle/shotgun combo.
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