Colt king Cobra carry issues resolved?

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Jan 5, 2003
The sunshine state,Florida
I'm looking at one of the new Colt king Cobra carry models at my local LGS. It's the 2 inch barrel model with the exposed hammer spur.

It seems like a really nice revolver with a great trigger too. Has anyone had any issues with these newer 2 inch barrel models? I've read reports of the first king Cobras with 3 inch barrel that came out a few years ago having trigger issues and the ejector rod and side plates not being fitted properly.

This particular one doesn't have Any issues with the ejector rod sticking and the side plate fit is seem less as well. So to any king Cobra carry 2 inch owners have you had any issues with these guns? Also is anyone making a front night sight for these guns?

I love revolvers and colts especially so I'd hate to spend a $1,000 on this gun and have an issue. Last thing is there an effected serial number range to look out for or were these issues only with the first 3 inch models that came out a few years ago?
What is the grip selection like for these? I don't like the big rubber bumper grips with fingergrooves. When I look at Altamont, Eagle, Hogue, VZ... I just see more of the same big "oversize" grips that cover the backstrap and have at least one fingergroove that I know will be in the wrong place for my hand.

I believe the new Cobra (38) grips will fit the new King Cobra also, but I've only been able to find the one grip shape repeated by several makers. There are also the "Target" grips from the King Cobra Target, but they also cover the backstrap. Did Colt just make the grip frame on these guns too small?
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