Colt King Cobra Carry Sight Mod

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Joe Texas

Aug 5, 2019
image.jpg 82CCF002-1D33-4FCB-BA5B-9062FC83F5FC.jpeg 31C7F4D6-EE2F-46D9-A24F-220A86A9C846.jpeg I bought a new production Colt Cobra in .38 special after they were reintroduced in 2017. For some reason unknown to me, I sold it. Then, I regretted it. Then, I couldn’t find another. So…

I picked up a Colt King Cobra Carry with a 2” barrel. Best I can tell, it’s just a beefy version of the Cobra with a longer cylinder. It fits in the same holster at least.

The KC came with a brass bead front sight and trench rear. I guess my eyes are getting old ‘cause I couldn’t really get a good sight picture with that set-up.

I swapped the front for a OEM tritium front. A little better but still tough to see. I tried a red fiber optic front. That was better in good light but the rear was still a problem + I wanted night sights. So…

I had a local gunsmith cut dovetails and install a Siglite rear and Trijicon HD front. I am elated with the results. 4F9992FA-C787-457C-B66A-979EB0AA9ADC.jpeg


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That was a known modification in the prewar years, and a couple of centerfold gunsmiths are doing it. Apparently reluctantly, because you can see brag pictures of police trade-ins converted to the current cult object, a 3" roundbutt with a fine fit, finish and frills and furbelows, but most retain the hog wallow rear sight.
Bisley TL Drift-Adj. Sight 2.jpg
I like it a lot, but I wonder if there is a meaningful reduction in the top strap strength with the big cut?
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