Compact 9x19 Suggestions

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Of course it's her choice, but finding the range with the "lot of rentals" you describe could be the problem...
My short list of guns for this role are:
Glock (26 or 19) - I DO see a big difference between the two for deep concealment.
CZ (Have you considered the Rami?)(I have several of the 75 compact variants, all great guns).
Sig (P6/225) Sig P6s are on sale for $400 at Wideners.|1012|1026

I bought two and they are in great shape. While I haven't shot them, I expect Sig quality/reliability. Single stack 9 rounds of 9x19.

One thing to consider is that with certain frames, as you know, larger brother/sister model mags will work. For instance in my G26 the full sized 17 round mags work. So you can carry the low profile smaller gun, but have larger mags as backup mags. And mags are easy to conceal.

I don't have one in 9x19, but I have a Bersa Thunder in .380 and it's a nice gun.

PS - keep your head down in the 'stan.
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I like the SR9C -- Don't forget it does have a manual safety that puts a lot of people off but the trigger really is nice, in another post someone mentioned a gritty reset and I did not find that to be true in the model I fired, it was a really nice trigger. Thinner grip then a glock and adjustable sights.

The Glock 26 is an obvious choice and a good one too.

The SR9C will be less expensive in the beginning; however the magazines costs around 40$ a piece for the 10 rounders, as apposed to the glocks 20$
I generally use either a Hi-Power or a Glock 26. I bought the 26 just after I got my CHL on the belief that I needed a compact pistol for carry, as well as to have a pistol while I had work done on the Hi-Power. I quickly discovered that I needed a good holster more than anything and have only carried the Glock 26 sporadically since making that discovery. My thoughts:

1. To date, women overwhelmingly prefer shooting the Glock 26 over the Hi-Power (100% - no dissenters) and are better shooters with it as well.

2. The Glock 26 with the +2 or finger groove mag extension is basically the same grip length as the Glock 19.

3. So far I've only found two places where the slightly smaller dimensions of the 26 were useful for concealed carry - one is when I carry OWB with an untucked polo shirt or similar type garment. The shorter barrel doesn't expose as easily. The second place is pocket carry, which is possible with the right pair of pants and the Glock 26; but still not ideal.

4. I regularly wish the 26 had a slimmer slide. I once bought a tuckable holster for the 26 (a now discontinued Galco design) that used J-hooks. Between the thickness of the Glock and the bad holster design, it looked like I had some physical abnormality, even though the gun was completely concealed, you could see the belt jut out awkwardly if you happened to catch it at the right angle.

My general thoughts from shooting with different women over the years, most all of them at a novice level of shooting, is that most of them appear to do better with polymer framed guns. I think the polymer helps them with recoil management as does the lower bore-axis of the Glock compared to the Hi-Power.
I had a CZ75 Compact that I got through a group buy here actually. I have small hands, very small hands. The CZ75's grips were too wide, and I was reaching for the trigger. Buying thinner profile grips did help, but that trigger was just too far forward for my trigger finger and I would have to reach for that trigger, that obviously threw off my shot.

I ended up selling her, 100% reliable though.
You know my friend I tested and evaluated the Kel-tec 9-11 for some "special folks. You know me, and my sharing with you...and my real deal testings...

That said, I suggest a S&W 3913 my friend.

Take care John, and stay low and what your your back as our mutual friend Denny H shares.

If you want compact, 3.12" barrel, good sights and reliable along with a decent price it would be hard to beat the Ruger LC9. After 800 rounds of various ammo mine hasn't hiccuped yet. Steel at 25yards isn't difficult with this gun either. It's a DAO hammer fired pistol with a smooth, long trigger pull. It has a safety but really isn't necessary.
Thanks for all the suggestions. Bartholomew Roberts, there is absolutely no way this woman will be able to conceal any kind of Glock in a pocket! I'd have a hard time doing it, and I outweigh her by about 30%.

The P-11 is a good close-range gun, but it would be extremely difficult to do fast shots at 15 yards and further with it.

Thinking the 3913 and SR9C are on the short list. I wonder if newer Glocks will have a somewhat slimmer grip~ stuff to try. :)

The range near the house has G19 and 26, and Sig 239. It's a start.
I've shot everything on your list except the Bersa.

With the training in mind, my recommendations would be the S&W M&P 9c, followed by the 908 and then the Kahr P9, with the Kahr switching places with the 908 if you upgraded to the K9
Okay, I think the range near the house has the S&W M&Ps for a decent price. Don't know that they have one to rent, though. :(
I have no experience with a Bersa, or, the particular Beretta you mentioned.
I have several Glocks, and they have never missed a beat, but, for ME, they are too "blocky" to carry.
If you managed to get a good CZ, that's great, if you have to deal with their warranty dept., good luck. No more CZs for me.
S&W M&P series pistols have been good to me,and are comfortable in MY hands.Another plus for the M&Ps is that Crimson Trace makes a laser that replaces the backstrap, which is about the same size as the medium, which fits me.
SIG 239. I bought one when they first came out, and still have it. Pretty accurate, for a smallish gun, not terribly hard to conceal, reliable, and of course, mine has Crimson Trace lasergrips on it.
Rugers are well built guns, at a decent price, but, I don't like the way they fit in MY hand, and generally have pretty nasty triggers, that take a lot of work to master.
I looked at Khars, because I wanted something smaller, lighter, and easier to conceal than my SIG 239, and M&Ps, but, when I fondled a Kimber Solo, I HAD to have it. For a tiny pistol, it is surprisingly accurate. Kimber says they are capable of 3", or less at 25 yards. I'll never be able to do that with my poor eyesight, and the short sight radius, but, can easily make head shots at 15 yards with it, and another plus for the Solo is that Crimson Trace makes lasergrips for it. The negatives, for the Solo is that so far, Kimber hasn't actually come out with their 8 round magazines yet, and it stings a little to shoot it.

If I was looking for one that I was going to take to a class that involved a high volume of shooting, it would be a tough decision between an M&P, and the SIG 239.
One other thought on the Glock 26... when I used to shoot IDPA, we had a woman who shot with a G26. She eventually decided to upgrade to a G17 for IDPA use and started having a lot of limp-wrist stoppages she never had with the G26. Something to do with slide mass/recoil I think as the problem got even worse with a G34; but went away with a G35. I just mention it since you had a couple of Glocks on the list.
Ruger sr9c..very good shooting gun...and for about 70 bucks u can buy drop in trigger parts to make it an even better shooting gun at much less than a flock....sell for 380-420 around here...comes with a 10 round for carry and 18 for target with a grip extention..have 2...did I mention the fact that they look 10 times better than the ugly blocky glock ...not putting glock down its a great gun..but you can gets great gun for less than the over priced glock
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I was actually just talking about that phenomenon today!

It's because shorter Glocks have a more vigorous slide movement.
Based on my most recent purchase, I've got to champion the Springfield EMP 9....I've found the recoil to be very surprisingly low and believe I could shoot it several hundred rounds at a time before tiring. Certainly 50 at a setting doesn't leave my hand feeling anything. And if she has small hands, she'll like the grip.
I don't think she was very wild about how my Commander grip felt, and I think a 3" barrel is not a very good choice for full-on handgun course like Gunsite 250 Handgun.

(I liked how the EMP felt, though. ;))
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