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I am a ccw permit holder for several reasons. First, I carry to protect my family and myself. I don't need a permit to carry in my truck, but I am not always in my truck. If I have to use lethal force, I have the permit so some lawyer can't use that fact against me somehow. I believe that EVERYTIME you strap on a firearm, you should be aware that you are doing so because you are willing to use it if a situation arises where there is NO OTHER OPTION. When I became legal and started actually carrying a weapon everyhwere I went, I became much more aware of the resonsibility of being armed. There is no person more dangerous than a person with a gun for a show piece or someone who isn't willing to train and become familiar with their weapon. Carry Responsibly for the right reasons, and get out and enjoy shooting. You will be glad you did.
Actually, one of the main reasons I got my CCW license originally is that having one pre-empted waiting periods and the extra charge for a background check that was required for buying a gun at a gun show. For those without a license, it was an extra $10 charge, and a three-day wait before you could pick up your gun at a local dealer. If you bought from an out of town dealer, you had to pick it up from a local one, who would tack on an additional charge for arranging delivery. With the CCW, it's cash and carry.
Another benefit I just found is that the CCW license satisfied the "participate in a shooting related activity" requirement for buying an M1 Garand through the Civillian Marksmanship Program.
There are 2 ways to convince someone, reason and force.

How will you convince the rapist to stop, the burgler to leave, or the murderer to not do his thing...reason or force?

Or you could just go through life believing that no harm will ever come to you or your loved ones. Maybe you'll even be right. You'll regret your decision if you aren't.

And it's not about being scared or's about being prepared for the realities of life. Read the paper, watch the news...those violent things happen to REAL PEOPLE. What makes you think that you are impervious to such things?

You ask, then run and do not debate or discuss. I think we have a troll.

Go figure

Sometimes I have to get to other things. No, I'm not trolling, The reasons aren't as clear to me as they are to some of you. If I were to start debating, I think I would show my ignorance of what can and can't be done with a ccw. Remember my thread asked to convince me to get one, not to convince you that you did't need it.

Someone wrote about the confusing laws of transporting a handgun. A ccw would help in that situation like that.

Maybe I should take the class, it might eliminate some confusion.

This will help you with the general rules in TX. Please don't be turned off by some people who like to call other people names here. That's just not cool or THR-like.

If you aren't convinced you want to carry, it's still worthwhile taking the course, getting the license, etc in the event you find yourself in need to carry right away. Think of civil unrest (next hurricane, riot, storm, etc), you find out you are being stalked, you quickly find yourself doing business in a part of town that is a little shady, etc. It's better to have it and be ready than have to wait months to get one.
Budman, you should just post a paragraph or so as a teaser & the link posting the whole article opens up the possibility of The High Road being sued for copyright infringement.
Someone wrote about the confusing laws of transporting a handgun. A ccw would help in that situation like that.

That was my original intent. The only other purpose was to make buying handguns here in nc. I walk in with a ccw and walk out with a new handgun.

But as I said, my eye were opened up to the ways of the world these days. I like to have a last line of defense. I hope to never use it, but I'd hate to be put in a situation where my life or my family's life is in imminent danger and find myself unarmed.
I've read through the thread so far and have to agree with those who advised you to get the permit anyway, whether you will carry or not. That way if you do decide to carry at one point, you will already have the permit.
The issue that concerns me is that from your OP, it does not sound as if you have fully committed to the idea that you would be willing to use deadly force to protect yourself. Forgive me if I am wrong, but that is how I interpreted your post. You should first decide whether you would be willing to kill to protect yourself and your family. Everything else will come from that. All those stories you hear about people who get killed with their own gun, those are the people who pulled a gun but were not willing to use it when they should have. If you aren't willing to use it, don't even consider carrying it.
Your idea of taking the class is a great first step to better understanding the issue. It will definitely clear up some things for you regarding the legal aspects. In the end, whether or not you carry a gun is a very personal decision that is yours, and yours alone to make. Look at arguments from both sides and ask yourself questions about them. Either you will feel like you should carry a gun or you will not.
I don't want to strap on a gun every morning thinking I might have to shoot someone.

I don't carry a spare tire and a jack because I leave home every morning thinking I might have a flat. If you ever need a firearm you will need it much more than you will need a spare tire and a jack and you will have about the same amount of warning.
I've had a couple of discussions with friends about CCW. They ask just as your said, "Why strap a gun on everyday in preparation to possibly shoot someone?"

I believe that the question is totally misdirected (and likely purposely so). I do not carry a firearm in anticipation of an offensive conflict. A handgun is a defensive weapon, and is a contingency plan. In the same vein:

I am 54 years old and ride a motorcycle every day of my life (okay, two or three days a year I will hitch a ride to work in a co--worker's car, or not go to work due to ice/snow).
Why do I wear a helmet/gloves/jacket with armor every day, whether it is 16 degrees or 106 degrees? Because today might be "the day". In my life (so far) there have been a half dozen of "those days". Any one of them could have been my last. I am still here to tell you about those days...due to quality gear, they weren't the final chapter in my story.

I don't wear a helmet so I can puncture someone's windshield. I wear a helmet to protect me from someone's windshield if someone leaves me no other option.

Your choice...and as someone I knew one said.... "Carry 24/7 or guess right". For me, one is a whole lot easier than the other. :)
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My father gave me my first firearm at age 18. I have just always felt safe having it around. Just like I am in the habit of clicking on my seat belt. I feel very unsafe without my seatbelt on. I decided along time ago I never wanted to be in a position where I had to beg in fear for my life. I still may come out on the short end but I am going to fight for my life with the best tool available. Espically to a woman.
Joe, first, welcome to THR.

You have a ton of questions about guns, carrying, and the laws of the state of Texas. You've gotten some good advice here. If you want to do some learning about the laws, let me direct you to the Texas website

Read to your hearts' content. It will tell you about the laws, and might give you enough of a knowledge base that you'll feel more comfortable discussing here.

As for transporting in your car: Texas has a "traveling statute" which allows you to carry a handgun concealed in your car (and from house to car and back, of course) without having a CHL. However, you cannot legally carry it into a restaurant or the grocery store or whatever unless you have a CHL.

HTH. Myself, I got my CHL when we moved down here to the Houston area. Had we stayed in Round Rock I don't know that I ever would have. But here? Joe, the nightly news ought to provide enough motivation. It did for me. I carry for the same reason I wear a seatbelt. I've been driving now for (OMG!!!) 40 years, and I've never needed my seatbelt. Not once. Should I not wear it, then, since they're obviously irrelevant, not to mention uncomfortable? If it is your take that I should wear my seatbelt, I'd respond that for that same reason, a law abiding adult who is legally not prohibited, probably ought to be armed.

It only takes once. You've lived through one. Want to do it again and hope for the best?

Honestly, it's like a lot of other things in life.
If you haven't made up your mind and ask others to do it for you, it doesn't really get you squat.
CCW Convince you?

Might I respectfully suggest to you that if someone has to convince you, you're not ready.
Just remember that it is your constitutional right. Hopefully it will always be your constitutional right. (At least where you live)
You will know.
I won't try to convince you

That you need to carry, nor will I try to convince you that it is easy. Obviously, you you are allready thinking that it might be a good idea. Having been attacked once, is all most people would need. Most of the people who carry will never need to use one and the rest hope they never need it. There are lots of things that we wouldn't consider being without on a daily basis. For instance:

You don't take your spare tire and Jack out of your vehicle because you probably won't need it.

You don't cancel your fire insurance just because you will probably never need it.

When something does happen and you need one of these you are glad it is there. The same could be said for a gun. Most people think having a cell phone is all they need to be safe, I am not one of those people.

As for carrying, it takes some getting used to. I have had my permit for nearly 20 years but have only been carrying daily for the last few. What I would suggest is this. Find a handgun that you like and start shooting, with an eye toward carrying. Think midsized Glocks, 1911's etc. Then take a CCW course. In most states this will alllow you to have a loaded gun in your vehicle even if you are not carrying on your person. This is a step in the right direction. Buy a good IWB holster. Look at Milt Sparks VM II. There are a lot of small makers out there who make a pretty good rendition of this style holster. It helps spread the weight and will carry easier. You will spend about $100 with most of these guys but you won't have to wait close to a year. Do your research. If you are lucky you won't end up with a box full of holsters. Remember, having your CCW gives you the option of carrying which you don't have if you don't have the permit.
Depending on where you live you may or may not be at a great risk for an attack. But! What if you are the victim of a ruthless criminal's evil intent?

Many people will bury their heads in the sand and deny that evil is present all around us or live by the idea that it can't happen to me.

How would you feel if you were forced to watch as a member of your family were raped or brutally beaten? I know it's an old cliche but there's truth in the saying: When seconds count the police are only minutes away.

CCing is a personal choice. One that has to be made by the individual. The question I would ask you is, how much do you value your life and the lives of your family?
Me Too

I too have considered and continue to consider whether to carry or not. During my examination, I have decided that I am not ready to carry. I felt that I lack the maturity and skills at this time to put anyone at risk for my short comings.

During my own research I found the shooting at Luby's in Killeen, Tx to be the one incident that had the greatest impact on my deliberations, For me, this even had as much or more impact than the Va. Tech massacre. I live nearby, have eaten in that restaurant chain.

Another link I found that is somewhat closely associated in theme is Nutnfancy's "Obligation to Carry". WARNING: This guy is windy and has tons of youtubes, I find his concept of concealed handgun carriers as "sheepdogs" to be very interesting and attractive. Before hearing him, I had only thought of concealed carry in terms of protecting "me and mine" as opposed to serving the greater public welfare.

I hope this is helpful. Like I said, I decided to not carry, so no pressure from me on this. Only you can say what's right for you.

And for all you sheepdogs, you're in my prayers. First I pray that you're never needed and second that you'll be there and armed when you are needed.

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You have a couple of guns so I'll go ahead and call you a gun guy and hope you are a gun rights supporter.
Get a CCW. At the very least you pump up the numbers of law abiding citizens that have a CCW, put more money into the system and make the stats look better. This is the very least that you do that falls into the "Good" column.
Get a CCW because you may one day need it and it may be a little late to run out and apply at that time. You don't buy a fire extinguisher when your house is burning down. Hopefully you have prepared ahead of time.
Maybe your wife picks up a stalker and you start getting her from work or dropping her off. A CCW would let you legally carry. Perhaps you get a violent neighbor or some drug dealers down the road. CCW would let you carry while out walking the dog or whatever. It's not going to give you skills, judgement or increase your reaction time but it will let you legally carry when needed and this helps put you in the right if you do have to use your weapon. You will want everything in your favor from a legal standpoint if you must use a weapon for self defense.
Get your CCW and carry when you want. No one says that you have to carry everywhere everyday. I will say that the more that you carry the more you learn about keeping that weapon concealed. Not every holster works well for everyone and not every activity is conductive to concealed carry.
CCW permits are cheap and there is no downside to getting one.
Go for it.
I have a Utah ccp. It is worthless here in my state, but I use it when I travel.
I found myself and my family in a serious situation that erupted out of nowhere while on family vacation. My weapon was not with me that day because I was uncertain of the law. After narrowly escaping the situation...I vowed to get a ccp(and did), and be familiar with the law of whetever state I happened to be in.
I find his concept of concealed handgun carriers as "sheepdogs" to be very interesting and attractive. Before hearing him, I had only thought of concealed carry in terms of protecting "me and mine" as opposed to serving the greater public welfare.

The concept of knighting yourself a "sheepdog" is a dangerous error. It leads "good" guys to overstep their ability, their capacity, their training, and their authority with potentially disastrous results. Your sidearm is there to protect you and your loved ones in the moment of most dire need. It is not a badge giving you the power to fight crime, nor a magic talisman giving you the insight to avoid potentially horrible mistakes of judgment when entering complex and dangerous criminal scenarios. It also does not in any way place you under the protection/indemnification of a law enforcement agency in the event that your good-will action goes awry.

It exists simply to keep you alive in that critical moment when your life is directly threatened.


Nutnfancy is an amateur entertainer -- nothing more. Please don't try to learn from him or emulate the opinions he espouses. If you want to understand how you should think and act as an armed citizen, there are many great trainers who specialize in teaching folks just like you both the legal and practical aspects of armed self-defense. Look here:
I too have considered and continue to consider whether to carry or not. During my examination, I have decided that I am not ready to carry. I felt that I lack the maturity and skills at this time to put anyone at risk for my short comings.

I find this to be one of the most mature self assessments that I've run across in some time. :cool:

With your ability for honest self evaluation, I don't think it will be too long before you acquire the necessary skills and mindset. :)
Now that I'm in Texas I'm debating with myself ; should I get a ccw.

NO MATTER WHAT STATE YOU LIVE IN, you should get a CCW just so your state officials know how many gun supporters are out there. That way if they ever think about passing some stupid law they can easily find out how may thousands of VOTERS have a permit and rethink their silly decision.

Every gun owner should 1) join the NRA, 2) join a state-wide gun rights organization, and 3) get a CCW.
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