CZ 75 Holster question

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Feb 9, 2007
I have seen this in various replies, but am going to ask again......

Who makes or where can I buy a good holster for a CZ 75? The specs I am considering right now will be leather or other good material, RH, probably owb and probably without thumb break...............

Have also been looking for grips thinner than the factory plastic and rubber. Only ones I have found so far are the czcustom aluminum grips. The only thing that scares me about those are the price. Any others out there?
Take the grips off and assume the stance (and grip).
Did that fix the reach problem?

If it did, you'll need to spend the $85 from CZ Custom Shop.

If it didn't, you need a different gun.

On my CZ, it allllllllmost fixed the problem, but I really like the gun; so I stubbornly kept it.

I made my own aluminum grips so the top of the grips fit "inside" the top grip frame opening. This made the grip and reach exactly the same as no grip at all.
Good idea, never thought about looking at it that way. Are the Alum grips really about that thin?

Solved the holster question..........or I should say Highnoon solved it........:D
The Bianchi type M-12 holsters made for the U.S. M-9 Berettas are a perfect fit for a CZ 75, and you can get them new in the wraps on eBay for $35 or less.

They have the advantage of having a removable flap so they can be worn open topped, and in right- or left-handed configuration.
My Hakan grips were excellent, but a little on the thick side. Kramer actually specializes in offering holster for ALL CZ pistols. First rate leather work and design.
Holster for CZ 75

If you are looking for a holster for your CZ then there is a guy in texas who makes them by hand. It is perfect for carrying concealed or IDPA or any other style shooting. I had been looking for two and a half years before I found this one and I really like this one best. It fits up to an 1 3/4 to 2 inch belt, it rides high and tight to the body. I like it because there is a bumper pad on the back that slightly pushes it out away from the body but not too much. It also has two tension screws. Its very comfortable and extremely easy to conceal. Take a look at the photo attached and you will see what I mean. I was referred by a friend but this guy is okay if you want to contact him for more information: John Harris 830-214-6363.


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