Do you CC at the Range?

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Even in Maryland, you're allowed to carry at the range (but you have to load it when you get there). I prefer open carry at the outdoor range.

I carry at home and everywhere else that it is leagal to do so. Why should the range be any different? I have 3 main CCW guns that I rotate according to my mood or needs, I usually shoot 2 and carry one on a typical range trip.
Yes, I CC at the range.

If I plan to practice with my primary CCW, I will CC some othe rweapon and it will stay concealed for the duration.
I usually have someone on me if I don't know any of the other shooters, but it's a private club and has video, so probably not an issue.

About 15 years ago, I was out at an unsupervised range on state land, and a carload of youts drove up and started eyeballing our toy collection... We moseyed to the truck, and as soon as the doors closed, the magazines went in the long guns until we were well away...
I don't worry about it at supervised ranges... When I lived back east I used to go to a public range that had a full-time and attentive (armed) range officer, who was an employee of the DOW.

These days I shoot mostly on remote stretchs of public land, often in places that other shooters frequent. I've seen enough problems with certain idiots at these places over the years, so I pretty much keep a loaded gun on me. If I'm shooting my AR, etc, I also typically carry the weapon with me on a sling when I go down range (prevents snatch-n-grab theft, mostly).

When I qualify at work, obviously none of this is an issue. So, I don't carry an extra gun there!
I don't CC at the range because that's where I shoot my CCW and if it's revealed then it's no longer concealed. It's just carried. And even then, I'm shooting it so at that point it's just a weapon. Besides, it's a friggin' shooting range!! You'd have to be brain dead to shoot up a gun range!! I'm not terribly concerned about muggers in a gun range.
At my club many times I'll be the only one there shooting. I always carry concealed when shooting at the club. I definitely want a loaded gun when I'm walking down to post targets, and I do remove the bolt from my rifle if I leave it on the bench for a walk down range. I don't live in a high-crime area, but why not have the means to defend myself simply because I'm at the range?


Luis Leon
It is obvious that the club I belong to is in the minority. Our rules are:

1) NO ONE handles a gun during a cease fire!

2) Anyone with a gun on their person will have it visible, unloaded and holstered unless the range is hot. At that point it may be loaded in preparation for firing, but ONLY when the person is at the firing line.

That may sound a little tough, but we have had ONE "accidental" discharge (actually inadvertent, the idiot was holstering it after loading it and had his finger on the trigger. I'll bet he doesn't ever forget that one) in 45 years.

This is a private club that is open to the public a total of 26 days per year. It is during that time that we have had the most problems, but still only one inadvertent discharge.
If I'm at the more isolated range I belong to, and I'm the only one there (which is typically the case), my loaded M4gery is right next to me and walks with me down range to change targets, etc. I keep in on the 3-point sling so it's not pointed anywhere but down in case someone comes in while I'm afield.

If someone comes in and I recognize them, I wave and sometimes chat. If I don't know them, I'll chat them up.

I'm a little uneasy about leaving my guns and gear on the line and walking down 100-300+ yards and back unarmed. And a pistol doesn't get it at those ranges. This range's layout is such that the firing line is about 25 yards from the rural county road and a little half-broken down 3' fence.

The other range I belong to is busy enough with good people that I'm not worried. There, I've always got my fanny pack on unless I'm shooting pistol, then I've got a pistol on my hip anyway.

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