Holsters for the range

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Jun 24, 2010
NE Missouri
So I have my ccw and carry daily in a IWB holster. I have always wore the same holster while at the range practicing. Always with the thought of this is what I wear daily I need to be comfortable and use to drawing from it.
But thoughts lately have me thinking maybe I should have a serpa paddle style holster too for carrying at the range while not practicing on my draw from the IWB holster.....

What do you guys think or do?
Interesting. Since the only way I carry is concealed I have shifted from using an open carry style of paddle holster to an IWB conceal carry holster for most range work.
I think if you are going to shoot your CC piece at the range then it is better to carry it the way you do for CC. I have seen situations where the normal way of doing something is done differently once in a while, and confusion starts to set in. And for the purposes of CCing, that is not a good thing.
If you shoot a different pistol at the range once in a while, then having a different holster for it would be a good idea, so that your normal CCing does not get affected. Much in the same way that changing your CC piece can result in drawing and firing problems. Especially if your weapons safeties opperate differently, or switching from semi to revolver, and vice-versa.
Each of my pistols has its own holster, although my pistols and holsters are interchangeable.
I always use my "carry" holster on the range, since I like to practice with what I'm likely to have at hand in an emergency. I recently took a class where half the folks shot from IWB and cover garments, and the other half had external kydex with tucked in shirts, IPSC mag carriers, extended mag wells and bumper pads, etc.

The IWB set had more hassles, but they also got more out of the class, IMHO.

Plus, I'm too cheap to buy more than one good rig per gun...
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