Do you keep a round in the chamber at all times?

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My grown sons were trained early as youngsters . . . if you see a handgun, it is ALWAYS fully loaded, including one in the chamber. Shotguns and rifles are fully loaded EXCEPT for the chamber.

If you need a gun to defend yourself from imminent, mortal attack, you may not have time to chamber the gun or, like the attacked officer, there's no guarantee that all your parts are going to work after the initial surprise attack on you.

If you aren't prepared to instantly fight, sell your guns and turn into a sheep. When you pick up a defensive handgun, it MUST work right away . . . without having to think about if you've chambered a round or not.

You'll fight, as you train.
Lock n' load

All of my firearms are kept loaded & chambered when it's legal to do so. Every time I handle a firearm, I check the chamber. Every time I pick my CCW up for the day, unholster, reholster, or put it down for the night, I check the chamber to confirm that it is loaded.

That being said, my guns are either on-person, extremely well hidden, or behind lock & key.

I don't see a need to leave a handgun in the car unless I'm planning on going through a metal detector.
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Any gun of mine that is a "primary defensive" gun (aka my carry pistols and an 870) sit loaded and ready to go. Anything that is not (range toys, hunting, etc) don't have any ammunition in them

Couldn't have said it better.
Nope...i keep 2 loaded magazines next to it and practice slamming a mag in it and jacking the slide EXTENSIVELY.

Im not a first round of defense quick draw guy. My house has a EXTENSIVE security system and my bedroom on the second floor, i could load it blind folded (faster than getting it out of the safe).

The rest of the time its riding in my lap top bag or range bag.

I dont have it for "he has a gun BANG"......

I have it for "there is a shooter in the hospital what do we do"? or "that guy is car jacking the car in front of us what do we do" purposes. "There is a psycho with a sword in the camp ground....he is coming this way", "The alarm is going off...grab the gun and get down"

Bottom line...if im the one getting drawn on unarmed. I accept that and would react the same as any unarmed person (run like hell, hide, duck and cover..hit the gas etc).

I have it for back up purposes when im the bystander...who can then get into action to protect myself and or assist another.

I am much safer legally that way and with my job and carry situations and wiht my 2 small boys around.

However, this is all highly personal and is different for everyone.

And trust me if there is an armed assailant coming around the corner...i don't mind if he hears the slide fact..I WANT HIM TO HEAR will be the first...and last warning he gets.
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In my opinion, the only indicator a BG needs to inform him that his victim-to-be is armed, is the bright flash, hot gasses and stippling to his body that he receives along with a hopefully well-placed pellet to his vitals. He doesn't need to know you even have a gun until you're airing him out.

The concept of using the sound of racking the slide on a pistol or shotgun to alert a possible BG that you are armed in hopes he will flee is a common assumption or hope that this action will end a violent confrontation.

Well, it may. But it very well may NOT. Remember, just like LEO's often say, once a gun is presented, everything changes.

NOW, you've put HIS life in danger and he very well may react by ESCALATING his attack.
Maybe he pulls HIS gun, maybe he attacks quicker and harder.

I used to think the shotgun rack might be a decent deterrent, but when I thought about it in a real situation, I'd rather an attacker not even know I'm onto him or that I'm adequately armed until he's catching point blank muffled thumps to his torso while I may be struggling with him.

I also used to imagine scenarios where I would have time and space to draw and get a good grip and stance, but more recently realize I may have to fight off an attack with BOTH bare hands until I can shove away enough or get one hand free to draw and engage.

Always imagine the WORST case scenario. Chances are, you may already be gravely injured before you even have a CHANCE to grab your weapon.

And, who knows, maybe you'll only have one hand LEFT to load, rack, etc.

Just a thought. And this is not directed at anyone specific.

If you're dead-set on condition 2 or 3 for personal reasons of safety, that's your prerogative.
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Do I carry with one in the chamber? OF COURSE. And the best way to keep guns outta your kids' friend's hands... keep it on you or locked up!
I agree with purgatory.

But i am not the guy who fights hand to hand and and struggles to reach and get a shot just not the

I am the guy who keeps his head down pretends to be in fear of his life and corporating until i can kick the guy in his nuts as hard as i can or hit him over the head with a brick or wait till he is doin something else and runs like hell, or takes off in my 340hp mustang gt leaving them coughing in a clud of smoke (you get the point)..if i go head to head with a large attacker..ive lost no matter what. Its the whole art of war present myself as weak as possible, strike at the most opportune time, do the most damage as possible, and get the hell out of the area as fast as possible rather than goin head to head with a stronger faster attacker or hoping the gun would save me.

The gun doesnt even come into it unless i witness murder/rape in progress have my home alarm going off in my house, (some situation where i have DISTANCE and a few seconds of which point id keep my distance, keep my cover, and defend myself with a hand gun.

And the sound of a pump shot gun going inot action WILL send a home invader i have experienced FIRST HAND when someone broke into my home inthe middle of the

Nonetheless i wasnt saying necessarily that i NEEDED him to hear it..just if he happened to..i dont holding up under my desk or with my back against a wall and i promise ill have the advantage with him coming to me.

As i said before if someone just randomly POUNCES ON unarmed..and i accept that.
Allentown said:
Im not a first round of defense quick draw guy. My house has a EXTENSIVE security system and my bedroom on the second floor, i could load it blind folded (faster than getting it out of the safe).
But home defense is a different issue. I would even make an exception to my rule for that. You have doors or windows that must have noise made to be breached, an alarm system (I presume) and some distance between you. All of these things give you warning and time to make your weapon(s) ready. But when you're "out and about" and the gun is on your person, you have none of these protections.
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