Do you like the 7.5" barrel?

I like my 7 5" sbh. Its easier to shoot than my 5" gp100. Id like a 5.5" also, but i wouldn't give up the 7.5 to get it because its soooooo easy to shoot well.
I don't really feel its difficult to holster and unholster, but im never trying to do it as fast as possible.
My 5" cosmetically challenged sbh started life as a 7.5", and I almost didn't cut it down due to making the mistake of shooting it first. It was such a sweet shooter. Luckily it still is after whacking the barrel off and re attaching the sight. But another 7.5" sbh is on my list to keep my 7.5" Redhawk company. They just shoot so nice.
I've had a few over the years. Now I'm down to only 1 that's longer than 6" and that's a Uberti Bisley in 38-40. It's not that I dislike then I just like short barrels better.
For my 460XVR, I've found a hot 45 Colt loaded in 460 cases with Unique that are great for plinking with this "crew served revolver".

It makes it fun for plinking and learning the trigger let off.

The 460 XVR is fun to shoot with full power ammunition, but on occasions. It is expensive. Lots of powder sent down range. Great for penetrating 460 Lincoln big block engines.,
Have shot .44 mags w barrels ranging from 4 to 9.5".

For a hip carry rig I like 4 to 6".

Inherited my dads old 3 screw, and its 7.5. Have had a couple of my own before. Its going to Bowen to be cut to 6".
6" or longer does make 100 yard shooting easier IMHO.
My 8 3/8 629-3 was awesome on the range.
Sucked to carry afield.
Same for 9.5" scoped SRH....but ya tote those things like a rifle LOL
For me 6" good to 100, 4" to 50.
Of course could mount a reflex and it wouldnt matter.
In the case of the Colt SAA, and its faithfully-designed copies, I do like the 7.5” barrel length, once it is in my hands. The balance and overall feel is wonderful. If I have to carry it, in a vertically-oriented belt holster, when concealment is necessary, and/or while being seated some of the time, 5.5” is a better barrel length, unless I want to be hanging by my belt-holster rig. A chest rig or shoulder holster would be best, for me to carry a 7.5” SAA-pattern, in circumstances which would include being seated. Thus far, my chest holsters do not include one which will accommodate anything longer than a 6.5” sixgun, so, I do not yet normally tote my 7.5” USFA Single Action in it, because I would rather not bang metal against metal while entering/exiting my truck.

Ruger Blackhawks and Vaqueros seem to balance differently, for me, than faithful SAA copies, so, I am not so sure that I would like these Rugers to be longer-barreled. My 5.5” Bisley Blackhawk, .45 Colt, with a .45 ACP being my point of reference, I am not so sure I would want it to have a 7.5” barrel. I almost never see 7.5” Vaqueros, so, have not handled one. With less metal in the top strap, and the rest of the frame, than in the Blackhawks, I might like a 7.5” New Vaquero.
I like the way ejector length barrels look. I think they are by far the most attractive configuration.
I do like the longer barrels for hunting though.

I have a .357 Blackhawk in 6.5"
Had a .45 Colt in 7.5" and someone decided they wanted it and stole it. When I get around to replacing it, it will be with another 7.5" version.
I'm not worried about ease of holstering in the woods. Don't figure I'll be in a stressful situation with it. That's not what it's for.
Thanks for posting all those pictures. Fine looking shooting irons!
I only have 1 revolver with a 7.5" barrel (Good for hunting)
I have several revolvers with 6.5" barrels and shoot them frequently but my favorite barrel length for shooting and carrying is a 5.5" barrel six shooter.

Ruger SuperBlackhawk 44 Mag.JPG

Ruger Single Six 22.JPG
I traded for a 7.5" .44 SAA when I got into CAS. When I had an action job done, I also had a 4.75" barrel put on. It did not stay on long, I went back to the 7.5" for my Duelist style. That makes a .38 heavy and unwieldy, I think they would be better at 5.5". (There was a prototype 6.5" .38 offered to the Navy.)
One of my .45 Colt sixguns has a 7.5" barrel and I shoot it more than the other due to it's balance ( for me ), longer sight radius and added weight that makes my mid 1870's approximate ballistic hand load feel almost mild firing it one handed. When I do carry it I prefer the cross draw method.
I only like the 7.5” with the bisley grip for some reason. I like 4 5/8” barreled plow handles.
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