Fairbanks reloading scale from late 1800s

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Feb 6, 2013
Bought this at an estate sale over the weekend for $5. Thought it was pretty cool as a part of reloading history and wanted to share. It weighs from 0.5 grains up to 1000 grains. For fun I checked it against my Chargemaster digital scale and it checked out within its 0.5 grain resolution.

IMG_1292 (2).JPG
Likewise, love old working tools, like others! Also have an old scale & when my wife schools me, it will be posted on this forum in picture form for help from this intelligent group to help with it's I.D.. (yeah, I know...)
I wonder how many reloaders it has outlived.:D

I had that same thought. I sat there and just looked at it and wished it could talk and tell its life story. Who's hands it had passed through and how far it had traveled.

Judging by the thread title I'd guess Fairbanks.

Yes, it is stamped Fairbanks. I did some research and turns out Fairbanks Scales is still in business and is one of the nation's oldest industrial manufacturing companies having started in 1830 in Vermont.
Have to wonder If they have one of these, might be worth more to them than 5 bucks.
Pretty neat, from the size of the pan it looks like something you would see in a old hardware store. Maybe used to measure gold dust or silver.
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