Glock 17 Gen 4...problems still?

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If you mean the LW extractor, mine seems to be working fine. I plan to run a bit more ammo through it over the next few weeks and test it, but it already felt better (i.e., spent casings weren't hitting me in the face every 3 or 4 shots).
It is a combination of issues that is causing BTF and it became more sever when Glock changed the geometry of the extractor hook to improve feeding and the angle of the ejector.

A side issue that arose from the uncontrolled cases during extraction was that they were hitting the side of the ejection port. It had always been a bit high, but it wasn't such a large issue prior to the extractor losing control of the case during extraction.

The fix isn't complicated for a company the size of Glock, but there has to be a willingness to first admit their fault and to decide that the number of complaints justify spending the money to modify the parts

On the other hand: I'm very happy with my Gen2 G19 with a serial number that starts with MD (that is old)
When asking a dealer who sells a lot of glocks, why he didn't have more with night sights, he responded, "people have a price in their head with Glocks" , if have to charge them another 100 for the sights and $25.00 to install them, they will usually not want them, you went from a 500 to a 625 dollar gun, and that 22% hike will turn them off. If he continues I was selling them a $1000.00 pistol, it would make very little difference.
Fact is folks have price points, in their heads, and a dealer and I said at the same time , this passed weekend, "it doesn't matter what I put in it, it doesn't change what your going to pay me for it. Just because I spent a day of my time polishing parts and changed a trigger shortened up the pull and removed the slop, two dealers would not even take a look at the gun once they found out they were modified.
The guy who had 1911's was trying to convince me that every 1911 he buys must be restored to it's original mim parts, or his liability insurance won't cover him.
So all those wilson beavertails triggers hammers and springs, you are tearing out I asked?, yep he said I have to. I quicklly walked away and sold the gun 10 feet away for more money. There is no end to the garbage you will hear at a gun show.
The good thing with Glocks is you can return them to stock pretty fast, unless you started cutting things off. After 6 of them I never touch them other than to put a front NS on, and a plug in the hole in the grip. They really don't require any custom work, same with M&P's.
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