Glock 29 Magazine Choices

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Mar 24, 2003
So, searching past threads has gained me some info, but I haven't found the exact answer I need.

I've had a Glock 29 for a while now, and I currently have two ten round mags, one with the Pearce +0 grip extension, and two fifteen round mags. I would like to split the difference on these two choices with, say, a ten round mag with a +2 extension, but I'm not sure such a thing exists.

As a prior owner of a Glock 30, I very much liked the ten round mag with the factory extension on it. I have no idea why Glock won't create an analog for it for the 29. The only third-party option claims to only work with Glock 20 mags, which is fine, but I'm already satisfied with fifteen rounds as an option for backup carry.

Is there a product out there to solve my problem? Or can I use a Glock 30 extended baseplate on my 29 mags?
The Glock 30 baseplate won't work on the Glock 29 magazine. Bottom of the Glock 30 magazine is different than the Glock 29, so the baseplate is not compatible.

I only know of the Pearce +0 mag extension for the Glock 29 10 round magazine.
Don't know of any other mag extension for the Glock 29 10 round magazine.

Try and see if the Glock 20 +2 mag extension works on the Glock 29 magazine?
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