Glock 29 mag extension

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Feb 15, 2009
After having spent several dozen hours reading through all the information out there in the various Glock and other shooting forums, I decided to take matters into my own hands and do some magazine extension experimentation with my Gen 4, Glock 29.

I have fairly large hands and even after taking a dremel to the underside of my triggerguard, I was still unable to get my pinky on the grip of the gun.

I quick call to Glockmeister and I had three PG-29 mag extensions on their way. Incidentally, the Pearce PG-29 is the ONLY mag/grip extension listed anywhere on the internet for the G29.

A few days later, a small manilla envelope arrived and in fairly short order, I had one of the PG-29's installed on one of my factory 10 rd mags. Without even shooting the gun, I could already see that these were probably not going to be the answer to my problem. I could only get about half of my little finger on the grip. Shooting the feisty 10mm confirmed my suspicions. After the first shot my pinky was again seeking a home on the underside of the magazine.


I remembered reading where at least one other person had said that he was successfully using the Pearce +2 extension (PG-G45P2) on his G29 10 rd mags. I also remembered reading immediately after that post that a bunch of folks warned against using it claiming numerous failures to feed, etc.

Undaunted, I ordered a couple of them just so I could see with my own eyes. Again, a few days later, the familiar manilla envelope arrived. With minimal effort, I was able to get one installed. I loaded it up with 10 rds. Sure enough, after the first shot, the second round failed to feed properly. I cleared the jam and the rest fired normally. I did this three times, always having a failure with the second round.

I mean, it says right on the package, "not for Glock model 29" so what did I expect? It also says that the application does not use the factory magazine floor plate.

There are no mysteries here, it has to be that the factory spring simply does not have enough strength to push the rounds up fast enough. I considered filling up the bottom of the +2 extension with epoxy so that the bottom of the spring would be at the same approximate height as when using the factory floor plate. (I did not have a particular need for additional rounds, just additional room on the grip.)

I decided that before ruining a brand new mag extension, I would find some other means to provide more spring pressure just to test my theory. There, lying on the work bench was the unused Glock floor plate. It fit perfectly in the bottom of the +2 mag extension. (The little button is facing up toward the top of the mag.)

I reinstalled the +2 with the upside down floor plate on the mag. Test time. After firing nearly 100 rds of every possible number of rounds in the mag, I have not had a failure of any type. I did this initial testing with only 10 rds in the mag. I also fired another 50 rounds with 11 rounds in each mag without failure.

I will not be carrying this gun CCW any time soon and especially not with the modified +2 mag extension but I will be using it every time I shoot the gun on the range. It has transformed this handgun into one of the most comfortable and easy to shoot guns I own.

It is beyond me why Glock and other aftermarket providers have chosen to ignore the Glock 29. It is growing in popularity and deserves a factory mag extension option just as much as all the other models do.

I do not suggest that anybody else try this, especially for a carry gun. I simply wanted to document the fact that I did it, it works for me and I like it.
I love the G29- my G29SF is on my belt carried open while I take the ferry home right now.

I don't understand how you're running a +2 extension and the regular floor-plate at the same time though. Maybe a picture?
I was looking at Glock and contemplated finally getting one just to say I had one. I like the Glock 29 but not the short grip and low capacity. I also looked around and have experienced the serious lack of neglect for the G29. If you come up with something workable for a CCW, be sure to post it somewhere on THR.
The floor plate is used as a spacer in the bottom of the +2 extension. There is no hole in the bottom of the +2 to accommodate the floor plate in its normal function. You could use any hard material to shim up the spring.
Glock 29 mag extension cont.

Just to comment on one of the responses to my post, I agree that there has been a bit of neglect for the Glock 29 in the past. If it were not for the ability to swap out barrels and shoot 40 S&W with it, I seriously believe that it could go away all together.

On the other hand, the kids of a few years ago are now of legal gun buying age and their "zombie killer" mentality has managed to creep into their gun buying habits. As a result, the sales of 10mm to include the G29 has been on the upswing for the last several years.

I have owned at least two dozen Glocks over the years and found most to be too chunky, clunky and heavy to be preferred over my 1911's and the sleek Sig Saurs that I love. This 29 is different though. I'm no professor so I cannot explain it but this heavy little booger shoots! I mean I can shoot it with full loads at least as good if not better than I can shoot anything else I own! Go figure? Recoil; surprisingly moderate even with full power loads.

As a LEO I carried a department issued G21 for years. It was ok and I always felt secure knowing that it would go bang when I pulled the trigger. When I test fired the G20 I had that same boring feeling of maximum reliability but little else.

That all changed with the G29. Can't explain it but I can really shoot that particular gun better than any other I have.

I can't say it's for everybody but I really do think that a few of us arbitrarily ruled it out due to it's caliber before we gave it a fair shot. I'm glad I discovered it when I did!
I'm with Crazyjz, and we are not involved in a conspiracy. I have independently chosen the Glock 29 as probably my most practical pistol, and I have many nice guns. It is pure function, and if I had to provide my own protection in a place like Afghanistan or Iraq, it would be one of the two pistols I'd take with me: Glock 29 and Glock 20. With ammo and mags to share, I could not be better armed. I have experience the same shootability and accuracy as Crazyjz speaks of.
Why not just use G-20 magazines? After you add a +2 extension there can't be that much difference.
Get the Kriss extension made for the G21 and mod it for the Glock 20 mag and you got 32 rounds of 10mm
G29 mag extension

Yes, as soon as I come up with the final solution to my grip problem and begin carrying the G29 concealed, I will in fact carry a G20 mag as my second mag. The Arradondo or Kriss offer a comfortable way to use the larger mag. I would not choose to try concealed carry with the 29 when the G20 mag is in place.

Today, I filled two of the Pearce +2 extensions with JB Weld. This will eliminate the +2 aspect of the extension but will duplicate the amount of spring pressure that the factory floor plate provides.

Again, just for the sake of those not taking the time to read my previous post, I really do not feel an intense need for additional rounds. Ten in the mag and one in the chamber is more than adequate. (I more often than not carry a J frame, 5 rd Smith and Wesson Scandium .357; twice that many rounds seems great to me!) The purpose for my modification was to provide enough room on the grip for my little finger.

If the JB Weld works and after extensive testing without problems, I will carry the 29 from time to time as a CCW.

In the meantime, I am having a blast shooting better than I have in years!
I own several Glocks but only two of the same model--G29SF. When I bought the second one, I figured I'd sell the original one. But I just can't bear to part with it. It's a sweet shooter. Maybe I need one in Gen4.

Yeah, I like mine but for now, I don't need two. I actually shot a Gen3 29sf and it felt a lot like my Gen4. I did not have them side by side so I cannot say for sure.

U-Tubers have gone on record claiming that the new recoil spring of the Gen4 is very effective at reducing recoil. I know that the recoil on my G29 feels softer, less sharp than my currently carried issue 40S&W. Yeah, I know the 29 is heavier but I am not willing to say that weight is the only reason.

Naw, the 29 is no panacea. I can truthfully say that it does not give me warm fuzzies like a really nice 1911 does. No, the grip does not remind me of a womans body part in my hand like my Sig 226 does-but if there was money on the shot, I would shoot the 29!
What do u mean-which part?

Pick one! In person, I could go into more detail but the point that I was trying to make is that the Sig 226 is shaped to where it feels natural and pleasing in my hand.
Instead of foregoing the benefit of the +2, why not first try the extra power Wolff magazine springs? Might be just what the doctor ordered. Then, you'll have the +2 with the benefit of the extended grip.
Wolf spring

Yeah, I thought about that and I may still do that at some point. I had already shot close to 300 rds playing around with this test. I decided that at least for now, I wanted to have a couple of mags that not only provided me an adequate grip but also mimicked the factory spring and follower position.

Both magazines equipped with the +2 extension filled with epoxy work as reliably as the factory floor plates. I ran 4 or 5 mags of different ammo through both without a hitch.

I still am not completely happy with the arrangement and plan to continue to look for alternatives. I just don't like the aspect of doing away with the factory floor plate with the small button that protrudes out of the mag cap. I may be wrong but I like the additional safety that the button provides as far as taking a hit to the bottom of the mag during handling.

Probably a bit anal but it is what it is. For now, I will enjoy the fact that I have a 29 that fits my hand perfectly and that I shoot very well!
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