Glock 29 owners tell me about it please

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Dec 24, 2002
I have been giving serious thought to a Glock 29 of late in order to satisfy a regular woods carry gun. I am used to the recoil of .45 as my current carry and I own a glock 26 as summer carry. I have experienced the glock 27 in .40 and the recoil was only slightly more than the 9mm.

I recently was at the store/range and I picked up a G30 as it was the only thing they had in the case that approximated the size of a G29. Compared to my G26 the G30 felt even more like an toy. All the sides of the slide and grip felt very thin.

Please tell me your perception of the G29, it's recoil, its overall feel, it's carry weight, thickness for an IWB, accuracy, follow up shots, cost, overall perception.

Anythoughts before the purchase would be appreciated since I will have to sell something else from the stable to get one.
I have the M29 and like it. The recoil is the same as the M30 but the recoil impulse is a little different...sharper perhaps. It is harder on the recoil spring than the 30 so order a spare.
I purchased mine after a couger encounter and the liklihood that folks outdoors can wear heavy clothing. It's easy to pack and I prefer Andy Arratoonian and Kramer as holsters for it. For woods carry I do not go IWB...but like the Safariland 4062 otherwise.
My first M20 and M29 ran 3 to 4" at 25 yards. I moved to the second M29 because I liked how it was put together better and it runs about 2" at 25 yards.
You won't find this cartridge in a smaller or lighter package...and that's worth any complaints you might have about it.
I found they all shot high but once I settled the break-in, function, groups and ammo I had the rear sight replaced with a lower one.
The only problems I ever had with any of them was an occasional pinging on the head with empties...but only on occasion and I can live with that. Follow-up shots are like the .45.
The 10 is a nifty cartridge and the M29 is a neat gun. It fills a niche occupied by no yet.
2" groups with a G29... those are some accurate loads. And you must be quite the accomplished shooter.

I don't own one but I've shot one many times. Nice little package. Not nearly as bad in the recoil department as I might have thought/feared. My wife put about 20 rounds through it one evening we were out shooting with my friend.
I have a G30 and G29. The Glock 29 moves my hands around quite a bit more than my Glock 30. However, when I shoot my G30 I'm usually using 230gr ball ammo. With the G29 I'm using relatively warm Winchester 175gr hollow points. It's not painful but it does move you around. Although, I'm sure they aren as hot as the old 170gr Norma loads. My follow up shots are not as fast with the G29 as the G30.

If you want 10mm punch you might want to go with a longer barreled 10mm. With a Glock 20 and have a little more punch with the almost an inch greater barrel lenght. Maybe you could use the G20 barrel in the G29? I know they have a 6" barrel for the G20. It sticks out quite a bit from the side but hunters like it.

My Glock 29 is equipped with a .40S&W conversion barrel. Here in the Vast Sonoran desert, 10mm runs about $20/box...when you can find it!!! :mad:

As a .40 cal pistol, it is quite mild and accurate. For practice I use Winchester White Box 165gr FMJ and carry 165gr Corbon for defense. I have shot maybe 50 rounds of 10mm out of this gun, so, I'm not really in a position to give any accurate opinions about how it functions with rhat caliber. But, as a 10mm kurz, it's great!!! :D
Two words: Woo Hoo! :D

Mine is accurate and a blast to shoot. We won't win any speed shoots, but we do have alot of fun!
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