Glock 34 Guide Rod and Spring Recommendations

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Oct 26, 2009
I just purchased a Glock 34 (Gen 3). This gun will be used as a range gun and will likely not be used in competition although it's a great competition gun. I plan to shoot 115 grain ammo as that is the ammo I have on hand. Is there any need to change out the factory Spring to accomodate the 115 grain ammo? Factory spring is 17 lbs right?

I am also interested in changing out the Guide Rod for a stainless one. Any recommendations on brand, etc?

Any input is appreciated
I have not made any guide rod or spring changes to any of my full size Glocks (Gen3 17, Gen4 21 & 22). I feel that these do not need guide rod or spring changes. Shoot yours before you make any changes to it
You're wasting your money and inventing problems. Don't mess with the factory springs, it's fine. Same thing with the guide rod.
For reliability the factory spring will be fine (optimal actually).

The only time I'd mess with the spring would be if you need to reduce weight to cycle really light competition/target loads. A lower weight recoil spring can also reduce felt recoil.

If you go too low though then the recoil spring has trouble overcoming the striker spring (which works against it when the action closes). This can cause issues with the gun returning to battery.

My personal recommendation - particularly if shooting factory ammo - would be to stick with the stock part(s).
The test performed on a Glock is point the unloaded Glock up, cycle the slide back and with control, slowly let the slide come forward til it hits the chamber/barrel cam bump. This will be about a 1/4" before it goes into battery. When you feel the slide incur the bump let go of the slide. It should chamber.
A 10 or 11 # spring is used in competitions but you better have factory or precise reloads. With the light springs, it will chamber held horizontally.
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