Glock trijicon night sights $110

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Jan 27, 2013
South Florida
I live in south Fla where everything seems to be more expensive than the rest of the country. U boys think $110 is a good deal for LGS installed trijicon night sights on a Glock 19 and 26?
That's a good price if the installation includes both pistols.

FYI - The Glock factory here in Smyrna charges $57/gun to install their night sights.
Why not just do it yourself?? It literally takes 5-10 minutes with pretty basic hand tools. $110 to swap sights is insane, unless it includes the cost of the sight.
Too much. I could see paying someone $10-20 per gun max.

KingTiger, did that price include the purchase of the sights as well or just install?
Glock front sights are very simple to install yourself. My LGS pushed in a rear sight on my 23 recently for free because I bought the gun from them originally. I wouldn't think most places would charge more that $20 to push a rear sight. If you want to save a little money you might look at Ameriglos, they are nice quality and use trijicon tritium vials anyway, love my I-Dots.
The Glock plastic sights can be pulled out with a pair of pliers like a loose baby tooth.

Replacing them with Trijacon's takes a small nut-driver to screw down the front one.
And a small hammer and nylon punch to drive in the rear one.

$110 per gun is about $100 per gun too much if you are buying the sights from them already!!!

Does that price include the sights? That is the defining point here. Sounds about normal, if it includes the sight. If not, it is highway robbery.
I'd be astounded if the OP isn't including the price of the sights in the $110 per Glock.

I recently removed some Trijicons from a friend's G19 and replaced them with Ameriglos. The lamps were pretty dim on the Trijicons. Sent them back to Trijicon and they replaced all three tubes for $57 and paid for return shipping.

I can get new Trijicon sights for Glocks @ about $93. I'd prefer Ameriglos, which I get for less than that, and Ameriglos use Trijicon tubes. However, I'd think that $110 each, installed, in Miami would be a fair price.
Several years ago I bought a set of night sights for my Glock 19 from the GlockMeister at a gun show. Took him less than 5 minutes to install them. Of course he had all the sight install and alignment tools.

If you buy the sights from him and send in your slides he will install them for free. No need to send the entire gun and shipping will probably cost less than the gas to get to a gun shop and sales tax. The only thing is you won't have your guns for a week or so.
I bought an MGW Glock rear sight tool may years ago and have used it dozens of times. Well worth the $54 I paid Brownell's for it. ;)
Just make sure it is done by a Reputable Dealer...there are a few nutters running around South/Middle Fla...
including one joker who cut & pastes Glock stamps all over his stuff, but he sure ain't on Glock's List of Armourers!!
Anybody with the appropriate sight pusher can install a Glock rear sight. Pretty sure that Trijicon lamps' warranty is for 12 years.

I wouldn't discourage the OP from getting the Trijicons locally; however, it's pretty hard to beat the deal that Glock/Smyrna offers @ $57, with their paying return shipping. You'd just need to send in the slides, which isn't too expensive.
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