Good article from Forbes after the Biden request to Congress

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I like it better than the status quo which is basically nothing.
Mental health certificate requirements are fraught with potential for abuse. First off remember that those that want to enact gun control their primary reason is to limit gun ownership as much as possible no matter how much they say " I'm pro 2nd amendment I just want reasonable and common sense restrictions". No doubt those pro gun control would use these mental tests to deny...deny... deny as much as possible. And the idea of having to get one every month? Do you realize how much it would cost to pay a doctor for that every month PLUS the fact in the middle of a pandemic they would probably refuse to even see you because it would be deemed a elective non medical emergency and plus the fact it is doubtful it would legally stand up in court as constitutional,

Then there is the fact in a sue happy country like the U.S.A do you honestly think doctors would sign off on them knowing that IF someone they signed off on did hurt somebody they could be sued? You know civil lawyers would target a doctor who signed off on a mental test and then that person hurt somebody.

Then there is fact besides the 2nd amendment but the 4th, 5th and 6th as well. Not hard to imagine if a doctor declared someone unfit JUSTIFIED OR NOT it then opens the door to confiscating all the persons guns. If you haven't noticed lately but there are some that are attacking 1st amendment rights now also, much of the same who have always attacked the 2nd, not too hard to believe they would go for the 4th, 5th and 6th as well. Then the fact that who gets to sign off on you, are they anti gun? We already see how defense with a gun can land you in jail in areas with politicians who are pro gun control (Missouri) for example.

And speaking of the other amendments, a few times a maniac has gone on social media or such and made suggestive if not outright threats, we would all be "safer" if cops could just arrest someone on a whim, throw them in jail wouldn't we? Then the maniac would never be able to hurt someone be it with a car, knife, gun or propane tank or whatever.

But that's not how this country rolls, we have a constitution to protect us from having a police state or a one party dominant state like China. It may mean that it increases risk that someone will abuse freedom, but the alternative is we all live in fear of what we say and do every day, to some point in the last few years it has already tilted toward that.

If too many are willing to go on a murder spree like we have seen in the last couple decades, we have a social and moral problem, and government can't legislate morality no matter how tried. But there isn't a easy fix for that, it is something society needs to fix for themselves.
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Are you saying that every time a person wants to buy a gun they need to have obtained a mental health certificate within the previous month?

Wow. Just wow.

You sure you're not a Bloomberg mole?

Between this and previous statements of yours, I am having an extremely hard time framing a response that doesn't violate the TOS.

About the only thing I can say is that you would have made my now wife and me both Federal felons when she was feeling threatened be the [ex] convicts living next door to her. Because you'd rather she be raped or murdered than I lend her a pistol without weeks or months of rigamarole that only applies to law abiding citizens.

Because that's what UBC will do. It will not prevent one single violent crime, but it will get women raped and murdered and create a whole class of criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens.
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