Good Friend Got Into A Gun Fight

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Nov 12, 2007
Southeast Texas

Just talked to him.

He prepared.
He trained.
He acted prudently.
He's alive.
Perp is wounded and in jail.

Truck in the next parking space
Perp jumps out, throws down on him with a shotgun
Friend is seated with one foot inside his Jeep Cherokee
Keeps talking to perp and pushing shotgun barrel sideways
Says he's getting his wallet.
Pulls his Taurus 709 Slim from kidney carry
Fires once
Perps falls backwards, drops shotgun, jumps up and runs

K9 finds the perp shot through the hip and hiding.

Friend goes home alive to his wife and kids.
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I've always been a fan of the "Let me grab my wallet" deal. Surprisingly, I know of at least three people now who've used it with success.
Great example of why I am taking my CCW class next month... shared on FB.

I'm hoping there is no legal recourse that the robber(or his family) can take to try and sue your friend? (Castle doctrine/stand your ground?)
Too bad that they didn't mention if the shotgun was loaded or not. I have a feeling it wasn't.
In Texas it doesn't matter if you use it to threaten someone and commit a crime.

Let's stay focused on the things that really matter.
They are nice little guns, I had the 40 for a while, good job.
Let's stay focused on the things that really matter.

Exactly. The would-be victim acted quickly and decisively at the right time, possibly saving his life and definitely preventing others from being victims of this career criminal. Now we'll see if the justice system does it's part and keeps this goblin off the streets.....
No, it doesn't matter but it'd be funny if he was trying to rob a guy with an empty gun. That happened before.
Victim selection is a critically important skill for a criminal. And it's easy to make a mistake. I am very glad your friend dealt with the situation properly.
I don't think I would be out and about at 10pm in Beaumont, TX...

Well, you might if your wife or child was sick and you had to go to the drugstore.

Sometimes, life just happens.

And you do what you have to do, and you keep your eyes peeled and your powder dry.
Excellent, perfect ending. Good guy is ok and the threat was ended! The perp should have a nice long time to reflect on his choice of professions. He's lucky to be reflecting at all!
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