Good Friend Got Into A Gun Fight

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Well, you might if your wife or child was sick and you had to go to the drugstore.

Sometimes, life just happens.

And you do what you have to do, and you keep your eyes peeled and your powder dry.
The perp still was about to get an angle on the victim. Sounds like it got real dicey.
Doc, glad you friend is safe and doing well. It sounds like the guy who had the shotgun is a real winner. Your friend did all of society a public service getting that coward of the streets. Now, as someone already said, lets hope the justice system does their job and keeps this you know what off the streets for a long, long time.

If your friend is willing, either himself or through you, I would love to hear exactly how it happened. What he was thinking and what was going through his head at the time. How his training helped him. I think it could really benefit all of us how he was able to defend himself and keep cool under such a hairy situation. If not I completely understand, but I truly would be interested in hearing.

Buy him a shot from me, a nice single batch bourbon, not lead.

AT, we talked about an hour, and I can tell you this...he was thinking, making decisions, and stayed aware from the time he pulled into the parking lot.

Here are a few more details.

It was a diesel truck, and he noticed the engine was running when he parked. Of course, many times people leave them running because they're diesels.

When he came out of the store he noticed it was still idling and took note.

But with one foot on the ground and one inside his Jeep Cherokee, the perp jumped from the passenger side door and threw down on him in a heartbeat.

Instinctively, he reached up and calmly kept pushing the barrel aside since it was right in his face.

He also said, "Man, don't do this. This is a bad decision your making here." Or something to that effect.

That's when he weighed the reality of the situation and asked himself, "Am I in a draw and shoot scene here? Should I really draw my gun and fire?"

He quickly decided it was because he saw it in the eyes of the perp. The guy meant business and began to look even harder and more intentional. And his voice became harder and more amped.

Pretending to reach for his wallet, he was thinking about the location of the external safety on his pistol which he carried IWB in a kidney position, right above his wallet.

He found it, took it off safety and, in one motion, swept across his lap and fired while keeping the shotgun barrel pushed away.

The perp fell/jumped/move backwards between the vehicles and rolled behind the tailgate.

By the time my friend exited the car and carefully moved behind the truck, ready to fire again if necessary, the perp had dropped the shotgun and was pulling up his pants to run into the darkness.

My friend was on with 911 and made sure they guy didn't reappear to attack again.

It was pretty dadgum textbook and his level head and training just flat worked.
Glad to hear your friend was physically unharmed and prepared. Why was only one shot fired? I would rapid fire until the BG was to the ground. Did it just happen so fast that only one shot was all that was possible?
Yes, that's it exactly.

He said it was awkward firing across his lap to begin with, but the perp just kind of "disappeared" as he dropped/fell/rolled behind the truck.

One second he was there, next second he was gone.

Remember, my friend was half in/half out of the car and not in a position to shoot as we normally practice.
Watch... wallet... gun... knee... other knee...

Seriously, just thinking about pulling on a guy pointing a scattergun directly at me causes an exponential pucker factor.
I'm glad he' ok.

+1 for fine motor skills sweeping off the safety in a stressful situation .
+1 for Taurus.

+10 for him keeping a clear thought process through out the whole ordeal.

I'm thinking the wife will be fine with his gun expenses from here on out if she wasnt already.
Too bad that they didn't mention if the shotgun was loaded or not. I have a feeling it wasn't.

I think its a more or less irrelavent detail myself. Someone pulls a gun on me, I'm going to be more worried about my life then whether or not he rememebered to load his gun or not. Remember the four rules? Treat every gun as if its always loaded....ESPECIALLY when its AIMED at YOU.
God bless your friends fortune.

I carry the PT709 Slim almost every day and know it is an excellent weapon, despite the general view towards Taurus. If you haven't tried one, please check them out. 7 rounds 9mm and 7/8" thick.
Did your friend have any formal training or was he one those guys who just has his stuff together and pays attention to what's happening around him? Just curious. Sure sounds like he did everything right. I cannot see how it matters at all whether or not the shotgun was loaded. If it is in your face you have to assume it is.
Too bad that they didn't mention if the shotgun was loaded or not. I have a feeling it wasn't.

could you take a chance on it??? if someone points a shotgun, scratch that, ANY firearm directly at you and threatens you, they mean to do you harm. sitting there and asking him to prove it is loaded, would most likely be the last thing you ever did.
I noticed from the article that the bad guy was shot in the hip. This leads me to wonder if your friend took the fist shot of opportunity, once he had his gun bearing on target, or did he aim elsewhere, say, chest, and dump the shot under stress, as did Mike Rousseau during the War of Independence in Mozambique?

My underlying assumption is that this was a point-and-shoot as opposed to an aim-and-shoot scenario?

Another question: did the bad guy, after getting shot, fall with shotgun in hand? It sure sounds that way, which sure sounds dangerous.

Also, it sounds as if your friend pursued the bad guy behind the truck, a bad guy seemingly still armed with a shotgun. If my understanding is correct, did your friend explain why he did so?

Meanwhile, happy to hear that things turned out well. May the bad guy spend much time in jail. May your friend not lose any sleep over the matter.
Just got home from spending a couple of hours with my friend.

He's doing well, but they took his gun until the investigation is complete.

So what does a good friend do?

I loaned him my CM9.

He said he not only didn't use his sights, he doesn't remember any loud noise or recoil.

He swept the shotgun muzzle away with his left hand, drew and fired across his lap with his right.

The perp saw the gun as he drew and began to step backwards.

When he fired the perp was moving/falling towards the rear of the truck.

It don't work like in the movies, friends.
Doc, did your friend consciously only fire one shot? By that I mean did he fire the first shot and wait for the reaction before firing a second? Or does he have no recollection of even thinking of how many shots he tried to fire?

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