Got my Pachmayer grips yesterday for my K frame Smith

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Do those two K-frames have square or round butts, JFrame? (You know, I think I see where your username could cause confusion. :)) Because if they are square butt, I think I would like to take my chances on Pachmayr's currently quality and try a pair. What are they called?

Hey Monac... LOL -- funny observation about my username causing confusion on this thread. :D

The grips on my two K-frames are round-butt Pachmayr "Compac" grips.

It looks like Pachmayr makes square-butt versions of different grip designs, but I haven't seen one specific to the Compac model (as shown in my photos). Of course, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. :)

I finally was able to get a set for my SBH up here and they cost a lot. What a complete let down. What has happened to Pachmayr as I have some on a K and L frame that are pretty old and look like they came on them from factory? Had to use a razor to try and cut all the flashing and miss aligned rubber off. Got them to fit somewhat but nothing like the S&W ones.
Tried to return them but the expense of sending them back to the USA and trying to get money back just isn’t worth it.
E1B71C0E-24B6-4120-A343-1351B62BF85F.jpeg I am partial to the older "SMALL" version of the Presentation Grips. They use to make "SMALL" and "LARGE" for the S&W N frame and K/L frame. The large version has about 1/2" more material at the bottom of the grip. I have a set of small N frame grips on my model 28 and a set of small K frame grips on my model 15-3. My Colt Diamondback has a similar size Presentation grip as well. I have a set of the older Grippers for the K frame but they never fit me as well as the small Presentation style. It's funny though- my Dad always put Grippers on his guns and when I pick one up, it brings back memories of his guns. 33D94147-6C5E-4412-8F30-FB52C0103DB0.jpeg 9A991AE9-68F5-4078-A7F6-4027C7CAE2CE.jpeg

I believe the current models are large, and they discontinued the smalls.
I have them on my 67-1. Can't stand them
Dont feel right. I tried adjusting them several times but after 20 or so rounds I can feel the seam at the front of the grip in my hand. (clamshell type) Plus I also had issues threading the screw.
Wood targets may be the way to go.


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This is the lack of fit that the newer grips for the Redhawk had compared to a vintage set on my Smith Model 66...

Not so stellar recent production fit:

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Stay safe.

That is not good. I was going to replace the Pachmayr grips on my 1986 Redhawk. My current Presentation are starting to get hard and crack.

I really liked the Uncle Mike fingergrove grips that were out for a while but I missed getting them. I don't like how the Houge grips add length to the bottom of the frame.

I guess I will have to look around and see what is out there.
Personally cant do the Dunlops...

We used to call 'em the "Goodyears."

Back in the day, that was the first mod we used to make (at personal expense) to issue revolvers, with the Grippers being favored over the Presentations. There was a police supply store in San Diego that probably made half its profits by selling the "Packies."

I like the Hogues on my new Colt revolvers, but if I were gonna carry them more, I'd certainly be ordering some of the new VZ grips for 'em.
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