GRIZZLY attack in National Park gun free utopia

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I'm sure I'm going to light a fire here but the issue is not a 2nd Amendment issue. Its a common sense issue. If you are going to film bears in bear country then you had better use common sense. Should we all start carrying our firearms into the woods and shoot the first bear we see because he/she my attack us. I am all for the 2nd Amendment nut in this case it would not have helped this man. If as the story goes and he was close enough for the bear to lubge at him and he was taking pictures then buy the time he would have got his firearm ready he would have already been in the jaws of the bear. Lets not forget that the bear was acting on instinct. She thought that her cubs where in danger because the man surprised her or got to close. The fact that he lived is testament that she was only sending him a message. If was trying to actually kill him the by god she would have done so, and done so with ease. To compare this issue to walking down the street with criminals is nuts. That man willingly put himself in harms way and he paid the price, and for him to do that and then possibly shoot the bear because he purposfully got to close for the sake of a picture is absolutely wrong. Just one mans thoughts on the subject.
Hi Learning Man... Beautiful Bear country you live in. I enjoy Flathead Lake often. Beautiful...Simply Beautiful. Kalispell....Going to the Sun Road...oh I must start planning another visit.

Forgive me, everythings a 2nd amendment issue, I still say we should be able to carry legaly in a park.
But I was trying to say what you said!
Preperation does not always have to be the defensive one.

I do not feel sorry for some one that puts there head in a gators mouth and gets his head snapped off.
If you get in a bears face dont expect a kiss! On very rare ocassions would a bear attack someone. As one of your Game Wardens in Montana told me in the spring of 93 (my first visit) and a lot younger! Nieve! OK enough... He asked me if I was going hiking, I was near Lake MacDonald I think and I said sure am..(I am from east coast.) He asked me if I had a Gun I said yes(not knowing that was a No-No)..he said let me see it. I produed a Baretta 9mm.. He took the mag out and said ..hmmm Hydra shock 15 rounds, that will really make a grizzly mad you know! He persuaded me to stick close to the roads, seeing that they were coming out of hibernation. He said they would eat the first thing they seen.. even a 9mm totin southern boy.. and not to bring the gun back in the park...

Now you see that is education that became preperation. We are the smarter species or we are supposed to be...until we stick our heads in there mouth and exclaim see he want hurt me!

I can get closer for a better picture ...she wont hurt me....
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My final thoughts on the subject.

You should always be prepared.
Stay the heck away from momma bear with cubs.

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We are the smarter species or we are supposed to be...

And yet time and again, we try to show that we are no the smarter species.

Its a common sense issue. If you are going to film bears in bear country then you had better use common sense.

We never see the guys on TV filming bears getting attacked, so common sense must mean that bears don't attack photographers, right?:rolleyes:
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