Have you already spent your tax return?

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Dec 24, 2002
Normally, if I get a tax return, I spend it on something gun related. This year, because I had a good '06 (2 AR's and a new job), I've decided to forgo the gun this year and do something else w/ it...so, I've decided to live life through my boyz here...what have you guys decided to get w/ your returns??? :evil: :D
Yeah, and you know what TEES me off more than anything else about my $2,100 federal return and $383 state return? ... is that NOT SO MUCH AS ONE STINKIN DIME OF THAT MONEY WENT FOR ANYTHING GUN RELATED!!! Not even a box of ammo. Nope. All of the money went for [Homer Simpson girly voice when he mocks someone] OOOH paying off a new washing machine and the rest to keep our bills on track and up to date! [/Homer Simpson girly voice when he mocks someone]

The stash is down to less than $300 now a month later.
I sadly must report that of the large amount my wife and I had returned to us by Uncle Scrooge... I mean the IRS... I was only able to spend about 200
or so on some ammo. But I have not let that stop me from purchasing firearms during the rest of the year in the past and I certainly do not intend to refrain from future purchases. I did get to spend the money on something I liked however with the blessings of my wife. A new diesel tractor to help with landscaping etc duties on our "estate" (sic).
Already spent, but unfortunately....


I'm in the same boat as Taurus 66, but mine went to furniture. My wife would never have let me use it on guns. That said, I'm using my credit card points earned by buying the furniture for gift certificates to get a new firearm for darn near free in the next month or so. So it wasn't a total loss. Heck, I had never used my points for anything before. Now that I realize I can buy guns with my points, I'll be charging things a lot more! :D
What tax return?

Hehe. My taxes are tweaked such that I usually end up paying a hundred or two yet. I look at it this way - that money is mine to begin with and I'll be damned if I overpay during the year. :p
I do that too. 2500 buck return.. I say adjust it so you keep that money during the year, and the int will earn you at least a box of ammo just in a savings account. Then, at the end of the year, take it and act as if its a "return" and buy what you need. I ended up getting 22 bucks back, just about perfect. A buddy of mine made about the same, also has no kids, simular write offs, etc. He got 4K back?? The gov. earned int. from his money, I earned it from mine..
I usually get about $800 back. Between my birthday and the return I got a hefty chunk of change. Most of it is sitting in my safe but I did take some out for my Mosin with PU setup. The rest of it will be sitting there until I get enough saved... I'm thinking M1 Carbine, Garand or Tokarev.
My refund came back in 12 days, filed electronically, direct deposited. Some has gon into the savings, the remainder into the recreation fund (some will go to Las Vegas in May), the rest I will spend frivilously.
I will pick something up. I'm just debating what... hmmm what should I get an AK, Kel-tec SU16, M&P 40c... decisions... decisions :D
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