Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?

A rifle, scope and axil ear buds. Rifle was ordered on the 15th and picked it up today. Scope was ordered the 16th and it arrived today. The ear buds were ordered on the 14th and arrived yesterday. My order processing and shipping have been very fast.
I'm a bit late but I got a 6.5 creedmoor barrel and gas block/tube to swap out my 308 barrel on my AR10. (DPMS pattern actually) some of y'all might already know the story of why.

I also was graciously gifted a bunch of brass and bullets from @Loonwolf and @dartor! They should arrive soon. Then I'll get started on making some Winchester 760 ladder loads. I ordered a LEE set of dies also.
This morning I got two 8 oz. bottles of Thompson/Center #13 bore cleaner for the muzzle loader. It was marked down on clearance at the local Runnings, home, farm, and outdoor store. They are also beginning to get a good amount of centerfire rifle & pistol primers in stock. That's good to see. Was in there a few days ago and even saw Large Rifle Magnum primers that I haven't seen in ages. Don't need any but I noticed that those were all gone this morning. At least they are starting to show up again.
Shipping a rifle across state lines via USPS (it's legal! but ATF language is very misleading...---only Postal Supervisors understand the regs---...). 2-day service to Tonopah AZ.
I paid Big Bucks $$ to minimize, well, some of you know what.🐵 + 💩 ----

The really weak gas was weakened after I correctly re-installed the gas tube per exact directions of a gun website Admin. (the recess/flat is exactly at 6 0'clock, retainer pin solidly in place).

But it soon will be with the top specialist for the rifle type in the US. He usually does the strictly-prescribed, very tiny enlargement of the barrel's gas Port.
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Pack of BlackHorn 209 powder measures, a powder flask, and CVA Speedloaders. I’m impressed with the CVA speed loaders. Bullet in short chamber, powder in long one, 209 primer stores in (outside of) cap. Also, 3 bags of Black Rifle Coffee “LIBERTY” roast on a sale… favorite of mine…
Beretta APX A1 Carry. I have like 3 or 4 red dots sitting in their boxes and with the $50 rebate, I couldn't pass it up for $200 all said and done. I got the Holosun plate adaptor and I have 2 red dots that will fit it, one will stay on it. I like it so far, except the grippy dots or whatever they call them on the front and rear of the grip will be getting sanded off a little bit. The "sandpaper" areas on the rest of the grip and frame are fine, but I personally really dislike, well, hate, excessive (IMHO, others seem to love it, and I have no clue why) texturing. The grip shape itself is fine. I would MUCH rather have grooves than rasp like sharp nubs or checkering. My hands don't have the calluses they had years ago, and just holding it is kind of unpleasant. A few minutes and all will be well. I will test fire it before the mods are done on it, for sure, but it fed dummy rounds without any problems, and usually that means it's going to be fine.