He was one of Us

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Jan 10, 2013
This just makes Me feel Good..If You go to GRACELAND Check Out His Range in the shed...
that cop would lose his badge these days....

not saying he was a bad cop, just saying.

Elvis use to Plink in The Living room, Joe Biden must have been on TV I can't tell what name Gun that is He shot the screen with..ANYONE? at least He didn't shoot Jesus... --Graceland display. the-tv-elvis-shot-memphis-united-states+1152_12731881491-tpfil02aw-27180.jpg
Gotta wonder where the M-14 he used in the service is today....or maybe he had a M1 Garand in basic.
The story about Elvis giving President Nixon a gun is just a neat part of American History. Can't say I was ever a Nixon fan, but if you can't appreciate Elvis, you ain't an American. (I personally came close to shooting a televison after watching a particularly bitter loss to Ohio State ... was never compelled to watch Robert Goulet in anything on the tube ...)
I've seen the shooting range at Graceland - VERY chewed up - he moved a LOT of lead in his time. The place is in what is now an urban area, I wonder if it was more of an open-field area back then?
Gotta wonder where the M-14 he used in the service is today....or maybe he had a M1 Garand in basic.

He was a tank crewman, wasn't he? Back in those days, his post-basic training service weapons were probably a 1911 and/or an M3 Greasegun. (Maybe accounting for why he owned his own 1911 later in life.) In that picture of him with the recoilless rifle (super bazooka?) it looks like he's got 4 x USGI pistol magazine pouches across the front of his pistol belt (OTOH unless he was a lefty, or wearing his pistol in a shoulder holster -- which is possible -- that's a pretty weird place to hang a gas mask bag).
The 1st pic probably makes that the most valuable bb gun in the world. Wonder what kind o' critters he was plinkin at ?

In the diner pic, it appears he's sportin his blue suede shoes.

Elvis arriving in West Germany,October 2,1958. Can it really be over 54 years? He was 23.
He, like most celebs were true and willing Americans and didn't hesitate to step when when thier number was drawn. Unlike that coward Clay that hid behind his... 'religeon'.

Looks like, ( in post #8 ), he was a "bitter clinger". Lonnng before we all became " bitter clingers".
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I am from Memphis and the love of Elvis is insane. He had some beautiful firearms. A couple of other cool facts about "The King"....

When Lisa Marie (his daughter) played outside as little girl, reporters would hang around outside the gates and take photos of her despite Elvis' request that they "just let the baby play." So, when she was about 2 or 3 years old he taught her to "wave" to them... with her middle finger (she didn't know it was a bad thing) but it made it so they couldn't publish any of the pictures.

Also, Elvis never considered himself a "drug user" because all of his pills were prescribed to him. History may disagree with Elvis on that one....

Yea ,I went to Graceland My first time last year ,It was a emotion filled trip,I have played Rock & Roll Music my whole life and have always been a Huge Elvis Fan ,I knew when I first saw Him I wanted to play the Guitar...It changed my life forever..and brought me so much..The thing about Him was when I saw all the money he gave to people ..a Amazing man...
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