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Hi-Point Carbine; Mini Range Report

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by 7.62FullMetalJacket, Jan 22, 2004.

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  1. 7.62FullMetalJacket

    7.62FullMetalJacket Member

    Sep 9, 2003
    Cedar City, Utah
    OK, it was SOOOO friggin cold. Went out to feed the need with the handguns and brought the HiPoint carbine I got the boy for Xmas.

    Model is equipped with flash hider and aimpoint laser.

    Manual of arms was easy.

    10 round clips are very finger-unfriendly to load. I cut a knuckle and bled on everything, that is until I had red icicles hanging from my hand.

    Out of the box - dead on at 50 yards standing and unsupported. Easily took out the center of the 5x8 shoot-n-see. I did not measure groups - I will wait until I bench rest and it is WARMER. Plenty accurate it would appear.

    Aim point was mounted and tuned to the sight point of aim prior to the range. The bullet landed right where the red dot was. Fooled me at first cause I could not see the dot after the shot. Turns out that the red dot was going through the hole (it was coming on dusk).

    The wife and the boy had similar success.

    One fail to extract. It was early on. 100 rounds shot (until all fingers were BLUE - 10 at a time). I write the FTE off to break in. PMC cheapie 9mm ammo. No other failures.

    Overall, quite a hoot. Snappy recoil for a 9mm.

    Fit an finish is horrible. Bolt and other "sheet-metal parts" are probably barely within tolerances. But it did go bang, and all enjoyed it.

    One more range session and the boy will be bagging rabbits and 'yotes.

    Did I mention that it was COLD?

    BTW. The handguns also ate alot and were happy.
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