Hornady LNL Powder Measure Being a Pain

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Dec 27, 2002
northern california
I was loading on my LNL AP today...I'm still new and very careful...and noticed that the powder measure wasn't always dropping a charge.

I know about the measure rotating itself loose in the bushing and check that regularly...it wasn't that.

What was happening was that the rotor insert would sometimes "stick" in the up position when it was pushed upward by the incoming case.

1. I checked the linkage and everything was tight
2. I disassembled the rotor/insert, cleaned it and sprayed it with Hornady One-Shot dry lube
3, I reassembled it and ran some powdered graphite through the measure.

It ran fine for a little bit and started sticking again.

Has anyone encountered this problem and what was your solution?

Thanks in advance
Mine has never done that. I suggest calling Hornady customer support. They've always been helpful to me.
Take it apart and clean it again, but don't spray it with anything. That wax you sprayed in there is holding powder in there until it tightens up.

I have a can of dry lube and that's the only thing I put in the measures I have.
Wouldn't hurt to polish the casting and check for flashing along the machined areas as well. I agree with not using any lubricant except at little powdered graphite at most.

I've owned a Hornady LnL powder measure for most of my reloading career and have never used lubes in them. I have polished one or two.
I like to run them dry as well, but occasionally they need some help. That is when I use a dry lube on them. Be sure to let any carrier evaporate thoroughly. Overnight is best. Powders don't seem to have as much graphite on them as they used to. It was enough to coat things and keep them running. I don't use graphite any more.


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My RCBS Uniflow did that to me once. The problem was that I had forgotten to hook up the return spring after I had dumped left over powder after my previous reloading session. :eek: Nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to be ashamed of. I am a good person. I am a good person.....
I called Hornady and they recommended taking it down to the last screw and cleaning it.

Did that this afternoon and loaded 500 rounds without incident. Also replaced the O-ring on the powder rotor...boy, it was dirty and cracked
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