Hornady Match vs Federal GMM?

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Feb 2, 2009
Boise, ID
I have fired Hornady .308 168gr Match ammo from my FN Winchester M70 Featherweight with sub-MOA results, I have not tried Federal GMM yet.

My main question. The Hornady A-Max bullet has a higher BC than Sierra's 168gr MK. So, Hornady's ammo is around $26 a box of 20 and Federal GMM is about $35 a box. Why is Hornady Match $9 cheaper than GMM but gives outstanding results?

I know there are variables like maybe my rifle just really likes the Hornady loads whereas other rifles may not be as accurate with it. Federal GMM does seem to be the most consistent factory match ammo and is pretty much the standard to which others are judged. But what makes the Federal more expensive? Is it the name? Do they have much more uniform brass?

I am not into reloading yet, but saving up money for the equipment. So if someone can shine some light on this please help me out. But if you need factory match ammo, Hornady Match seems like one of the best values, I still need to try Prvi Partisan Match though.
why you pay more for Coca Cola or Pepsi product when Sam's choice 3 times cheaper... The whole thing is based on supply and demand economics 101... people will pay 35 or whatever for FGM if they did not the price would be adjusted accordingly... Another reason why reloading supplies when up in prices because lots of people start to buy them, the demand went up supply went down, prices got adjusted supply is back...
Even as components, Hornady has been cheaper than Sierras for a while. I swear, for the price I see Matchkings usually listed at they must be made with gold in the jacket metal! :confused: I reload and shoot Highpower and switched to Nosler's Custom Competition line YEARS ago because they were cheaper and shoot as well as SMKs. Haven't switched back.

The fact is, there are many, many good premium match bullets out there. Part of what you are paying the extra for with Federal GMM is the higher quality control, lower production rate and the Sierra bullets. And I believe you are also buying part of the name and reputation. If it comes in the caliber of your firearm, GMM will more than likely give you the best accuracy baseline you can get.

That said, nothing wrong with Hornady match either! And Black Hills makes excellent stuff too.
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i have shot hornady, bh, and fgmm with simmilar results but the fgmm in this area is about 45.99 with black hills in the 20's. IMHO federal jumped on the match wagon a time back. most firearms companys know federal is very avalible to all parts of the us so they use if for accuracy testing in there match rifles. making fgmm such a staple for accuracy, and that it is. hornady realy dident get into match ammo until the last 10 years or so, still they make remarkably accurate ammo for the price. IMHO when you buy fgmm its more the name than the bullet that your paying for. .........also check out ultramax ammunition, they make 168 smk loads with lc brass, i have had them out shoot fgmm in 2 of my 308s both remington's. and at 19.99 a box, 16.50-19.99 depending on the dealer. they get my vote!
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