How did you do it?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by GE-Mini-Gun, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. MI2600

    MI2600 Member

    Jan 7, 2012
    Western Michigan
    You can sell guns?
  2. Hugger-4641

    Hugger-4641 Member

    Jan 21, 2021
    West TN
    Hopefully, I will have given all of mine away to children and grandchildren before my time comes, or at least have it documented and designated as to who gets them.
    My grandparents raised me and made the mistake of not doing this. I was one of many grandchildren with and 13 aunts and uncles. A half sister and I were the only ones raised by my grandparents, but I was never legally adopted by them. I was still in high school when they both passed, so I was not old enough to have any legal claims to the guns that I grew up hunting with and taking care of, or any other heirloom for that matter. To make a long story short, after my aunts and uncles got done fighting over everything, I did not end up with a single one of my granddad's guns and almost lost my own model 94 to an evil and unscrupulous aunt. I had to remove it from the gun cabinet and take it to a friend's house until I got a place of my own.
    We never know when our last breath is, but my advice is to either sell them, give them away, or make sure you at least have it legally documented who is supposed to have what when you are gone.
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  3. Neo-Luddite

    Neo-Luddite Member

    Sep 13, 2006
    Northwest IL--the other 'Downstate'
    I will turn 50 next month. My plan has always been to give away what is not already lawfully titled to our two daughters (they own most of my collection already..except a few stragglers and hangers on. My collection is thus mostly "on loan" to me until they decide they want to take physical possession). The rest, save a few defensive and utilitarian pieces my wife and I will retain for life, I plan to gift to younger people (relations and friends) capable of taking on responsibility for their ongoing care and safe storage and whom I believe will enjoy shooting and looking after them. Even if it is a humble thing not worth much money, a firearm gifted to you is more often than not a cherished possession that you will again pass down one day. Just how I see things.
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  4. CDW4ME

    CDW4ME Member

    Mar 15, 2009
    FL USA
    I've got an AR (personal defense weapon) that I never shoot.
    Even if I never intended to shoot it again, I can't sell it; anti-gunners dislike it and think I shouldn't have it, so I have to keep it. ;):D
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  5. Lo-Profile

    Lo-Profile Member

    Sep 27, 2020
    Sparks, NV
    I have guns I could sell and never miss.
    I have others I wouldn't sell for double the price I paid for them.
    I have others the price would have to be right for me to.
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  6. theotherwaldo

    theotherwaldo Member

    Mar 30, 2008
    In the Wild Horse Desert of Texas
    I dropped by my LGS last week.
    The owner tried to talk me into selling some of my guns.
    He was shocked to find out how many I had, even though he was the one that sold a fair percentage of them to me.
    I'm still not interested in selling - their value is still going up faster than inflation and they are still fun to shoot.

    CDMCKY Member

    Mar 9, 2019
    I only have 10 weapons, and they're the ones I've always wanted, for concealed carry,
    back woods, SHTF, etc. I have money, so selling them is not going to happen unless
    I lose my money.

    I also have 46 vintage US Flags, from 35 - 49 stars (many duplicate star counts of
    different sizes and configurations) and I can't bring myself to sell any of them, even
    though most of them are stored away.
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  8. GE-Mini-Gun

    GE-Mini-Gun Member

    Jan 15, 2004
    I’m not a collector, if I purchased it I’m shooting it…not going to own a “safe queen”. Also I would rather not burden my wife with selling them or someone giving her basically nothing for them, she knows exactly what they are worth as I update the value every year and have told her what they cost when purchased. We have no children and the nieces and nephews she has ain’t getting them…I’d give them to a total stranger. I have no reason to sell them (don’t need the money), although I do have my eye on a new Beretta shotgun, but it would be a twin to my wife’s and not sure I want two of the same gun, only with longer barrels. I guess it comes to my tastes in shooting has changed shotgun and pistol mostly and actually never really was a rifle shooter that much…hunted with a pistol.
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