I have made up my mind....

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Sep 27, 2004
Spokane, Washington
And have decided that I want a Kahr PM9 to replace my PPK/S. Hopefully this is the right deicion. I was considering a Kel-Tec P11, but the smaller size of the Kahr sold me. I also looked at a P3AT, but I want something more than a .380, and the PM9 isn't much bigger than a P3At as far as I can tell. I had even flirted with the thought os getting a S&W 340 or 360PD, but I think it would be uncomfortable shooting .357 out of it, and I'd rather not carry .38 +p.

Now I just need to find a PM9 to buy/trade :)
Haha! I remembered seeing a PM9 in the For Sale forum over on The Firing Line... oops, it was your WTB posting!

I like the Kahr series, even though I am selling my K40 Covert. The PM series redefined small, light, thin carry I think, without being as high priced as a Rohrbaugh R9.

Good luck finding a piece!
Well, if I can't find one in twon, there are a few dealers who may trade out my PPK and order a PM9 for me, and I will pay the difference. I am in no big hurry.
I just picked one up at Gander Mountain. The store in Reynoldsburg ,OH had two in stock. If you have a Gander Mt. in your area they can transfer one in from another store. Price was $529.
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