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I used my Aimpoint PRO. . . . .I like it!

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by NYH1, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. NYH1

    NYH1 Member

    Sep 12, 2011
    Central New Yorkistan
    I bought a Aimpoint PRO a month or so ago for my Stag Model 1 w/Plus Package. It has a 16" barrel with a A2 fixed front sight. I took the carry handle off and put a A2 rear sight on it that's always up. I mounted the Aimpoint in front of the rear sight. With the dot in the center of the Aimpoint the iron sights are in the lower 1/3 of the optic which is right where I wanted them to be.

    I took the rifle. . . . .ok, carbine to the range a week ago and zeroed both the iron sights and Aimpoint at 100 yards. Then I shot it at 7, 15, 25, 50 and 100 yards. At 7 and even 15 yards it's about 2.5" below where I'm aiming, due to how low the bore is in relation to the sights and optic. At 25 yards it's about 1.5" low. At 50 yards it about .75" low and as mentioned it's zeroed at 100 yards. I haven't shot it past 100 yards yet. One thing I really like about shooting my AR with the Aimpoint is that it's VERY easy to shoot with both eyes open, like I shoot pistols. I can even shoot and hit what I'm aiming at with the front cover (which is solid and not see through) closed with both eyes open. I found that out by accident.

    I was at my friends camp this weekend and just before dark I shot both my new Glock G26 9mm with the Trijicon night sights I just had put on and my carry ammo as well as my AR (I might put some type of tritium sights on my AR too). The G26 shot awesome, it loves the Federal HST 124 gr. +p ammo I use for carry in my other Glock 9mm (G34). The AR was just as good. I did some rapid fire shots while turning and moving using the Aimpoint. The rounds were low as I knew they would be. However, they were almost touching as the windage is set perfectly.

    My AR has the 1 in 7 twist but it still shoots 55 gr. pointed soft points, hollow points and FMJ ammo very well. I'm going to try some heavier ammo. But I didn't think it would shoot the lighter ammo as well because of the faster twist. I have to figure out what ammo I want to use for home defense. Right now I/m using Remington 55 gr. pointed soft points. They shoot really well. Maybe I'll just stick with those, we'll see.

    I'm getting used to the dot. At first it was kind of fuzzy. The more I shoot it and don't think about it, the better it is. I keep it on the lowest setting that will work. That seems to help it not seem fuzzy too. In the house or as it's not as light outside I can turn it way down. Outside on a really sunny day I have to turn it up to see it better. When it's in the safe in the ready positions, I leave the setting on about the 5th click from off, which is right in the middle. I guess the lowest settings are for night vision. I can't even see the dot until about the 4th click from off.

    All in all I really like the Aimpoint PRO. I went back and forth between getting the Aimpoint PRO or the EOTech 517. I think the Aimpoint PRO is a great optic for the money. I'm using the mount that came with it. I don't have any plans on changing the mount. It works really good. It's very easy to put on the rail and just as easy to take off if I even needed to.

    Thanks NYH1! :)
  2. Aikibiker

    Aikibiker Member

    Dec 27, 2002
    Daytona, Fl
    With a 100 meter zero any shots past that range drop off drastically due to the ballistics of the round and height of the sights above the bore. It has some use if you are a competitor shooting iron sights on known distance targets since you can do some arcane voodoo maqic to your rifle with the 100 meter zero to make the sights adjust much easier for loonger ranges. This assumes you adjust your irons based on KD or range estimates. It is less then efficient with optics.

    Most people these days are using the "50 meter Improved Battlesight Zero" which gives you only 2-3 inches of variance either high or low from zero to around 250 meters. I am still using the Army 25 meter zero since I am comfortable with the math.

    Congratualtions on the PRO. I love my Aimpoint sights. They really shine when transitioning to your support hand/non-dominant eye and shooting from contorted positions like laying on your side and firing under a car.
  3. ZDriver96

    ZDriver96 Member

    Nov 26, 2011
    Congrats on your Aimpoint Pro purchase. Its an awesome optic and relatively inexpensive for what you get. I love the medium brightness setting, 2MOA is perfect. The only difference that I could find between the PRO and the M3 or M4 models is that the different battery only lasts 30,000 hours instead of like 40-50 thousand hours, and the housing is hard anodized aluminum not ultra hard anodized. For most of us its a mute point. Your aimpoint also has a 10 year warranty vs 2 year from Eotech which is really nice.

    I do agree with the other fella that you should BZO your rifle below 100 yards/meters.. I have mine BZO'd at 36 yards (32 meters). This means at 300 yards my bullet will now appear to start to cross below the lateral plane of the red dot. So for CQB this is nice for putting the red dot right on target.... but also at longer ranges out to 300 yards I place my dot below the target instead of over the target which allows me to see what the target is doing instead of washing out the image by covering it with a red dot.

    I have tested the night vision settings as well and it works well. Have a PVS14 mounted behind it sometimes.

    In reference to your bullets and barrel twist. Don't worry about a 1:7 twist with lighter bullets. You can't "over" stabilize a bullet. For all practical purposes a 1:7 twist is fine for any .223/5.56.

    Oh an I have a G27 as well with fiber optic tritium truglo sites. I like them more than my trijicon night sights on the sig p226 combat. During the day its easy to acquire my site picture as well.

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