If I won the 290 million dollar Lottery....

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Buy a remote home in a combination desert/forest area rich with game, at least a section of land.

Get these goodies to start:

Holland and Holland Royal Grade .450/400 double rifle
Shiloh Sharps .45/70 with all the trimmings
Thompson M1928A1 smg
H&K MP5 smg
Ma Deuce
A dozen assorted suppressors
Win M92 .25/20
Win 95 carbine .30-40
Norwegian Krag carbine 6.5x55
Savage 99eg .250
Bolt guns by McMillan, Cooper, and Holland calibers to be determined.
M1903 Springfield NRA sporter
M2 1903 Springfield
Webley Greener target model .455
Pre war Colt Woodsman
Pre War S&W .22
Freedom Arms .327
Sig 210 9m/m
S&W M&Ps, threaded, in 9m/m and .45

Shoot 'em all and make up a new list.

$290 million taken in the 26 annual payments would be taxed as income so after taxes that would work out to just over $7 million a year.

Finish paying for daughter's college (just three more semesters, yay!) and set up trust fund for son's college.

Help our older kids out: they work hard and deserve it.

Turn wife loose in the Galleria. Once each year when the check comes in.

Money for my brother, sister and my wife's mother and siblings. I believe you can give up to $10,000 per year per person tax-free.

Donations to church and charities that we support (USO, Feeding America, etc.).

Have real fun at next NRA dinner. This time, I wouldn't get outbid.

I think I'd make generous "campaign contributions" to some key state legislators and see if we couldn't get open carry in Texas.

Nice indoor pistol range and a house to go with it. Take a couple of years on that one.

Commission a re-design of the Luger to give it a better trigger. I have always liked the Luger but the trigger mechanism is right out of Rube Goldberg.

As to what guns I would buy, that would have to wait until we got open carry passed. I've got all the CCW I want.
What? No resort for THR staff/mods/members? Can you say Disneyworld of shooting/reloading?

Of course the resort would be located in the most 2A friendly state complete with 100-200-300-400-500-600-800-1000 yard range with remote resetting targets, shot gun ranges, and various pistol ranges.

As to action pistol, in additional to "themed" 25-50 yard indoor/outdoor pistol ranges with reactive targets, full shoot house/bus/train/market/7Eleven to test real-life shooting scenarios, and ballistics testing labs (BYOB - Bring Your Own Bullets) to test your choice of ammo.

One stop reloading/shooting/gunsmith/custom fab/pro shop/gift shop. Full array of press setup to actually load test rounds.

Camping accommodations with full-hookup RV park with free wired/Wi-Fi so everyone can read/post on THR while resting sore wrists from excessive trigger times on the ranges.

Choices of BBQ/smoke house/treats and spa treatments for the ladies.

Profits to benefit 2A activities.

If any THR members win the Mega lotto, think about this - then we ALL end up winning! :D
Hello friends and neighbors // Henry the VIII's 15th century, Wheel lock ,breech loading hunting gun. breech loader.jpg It had a hinged breech and a reloadable iron cartridge. If it was not for sale, a Ferguson breech loading rifle.

Then I'd sit back and think about how to spend the rest for at least a week.
By then I might have organised an elk/moose hunt for my dad and I, that would be a great start.
After a few dream hunts, I'd start looking for a way to encourage local young folks to think about firearms and SD, hunting, shooting safety in general. (Right now our local Boy Scouts do not even learn about firearms)

Hunting land/licenses/lodges in several states.

WWII Tommy Gun (if available) and 1911

Probably buy better examples of my current infestments...Springfield Trapdoor,M1 Garand and Carbine, Broom handle Mauser ...most of mine are bottom shelf working firearms. I'm proud of them and enjoy shooting them all, but no one would call them lookers.
I'd still shoot the upgrades.
I only have three unfired weapons. There is something about unused tools that makes my head ache.
A beachfront house in Australia ...
an Appartment in NYC and one in Amsterdam.

A Log-cabin with land in Kentucky ... and i guess all surplus rifles
ever built in it ... and blackpowerd one too.

Travel between those 4 destinations.

Money would be spent on traveling .. and maybe a few classic cars.
I´d rather rent the Maseratis and FA guns, when i wanna play with them :)
-Pack up the few things I care to keep, get in my Dodge and **** of Dodge. (Don't need "relatives" crawling out of the woodwork, or charity solicitors.)
-Move to an undisclosed location in the mountains.
-Build my dream house.
-Start buying my way into as many gun control organizations as I can and eating them away from the inside like a worm in a rotten apple.
-Giggle like a schoolgirl as I succeed.
I'll be 79 in March, so the immediate cash settlement makes sense for me.

It would be hard to find a better combination of good climate and reasonable firearm laws than what I have now, so I'll stay here and upgrade the 'ranch' a bit.

I'll make hefty donations to a couple of local gun ranges, specifying what I want in new amenities; I'll let the present owners run things. I don't want to get involved in day-to-day minutiae.

I can always use another 20 or 30 firearms...

The NRA will thank me for my generosity!

I'd like to start & fund several firearm-related youth programs, to increase our political strength. I'll accept suggestions on the details of these programs.

I'll make generous endowments to community colleges throughout the Southwest, for firearm repair courses.

My close family & friends will receive robust cash gifts just after Christmas (in the new year, to allow for tax planning).

A few large campaign contributions to deserving candidates will help correct earlier errors in the Federal & State legislatures...

All this will leave a large chunk of unspent cash; but I've only been thinking about it for 15 minutes or so...

Thanks to IncredibleGourd (the OP) for an enjoyable fantasy trip!
Guns would be pretty low on the list for me. First thing I'd do is build a house (not a mansion, a house), then make a deposit into my daughter's college fund. Then I'd build a decently equipped garage. Ship my Mercury Zephyr to Maximum Motorsports and have them install what I haven't already. Paint my Caprice, install a 6L Vortec (LQ9). Buy a Centurion Crew Cab F350, or build one in my new garage. Buy a Martin and use my Ibanez as a beater. Play "Upper Middle Class White Trash" while trying to contain my laughter.

In all seriousness though, I don't play the lottery, so my odds of winning are none, which isn't much worse than everyone else (slim to none).
if i won that kind of money i would build a new house on about 80 acres. then i would give some to family, friend and several charitys. i would give some land adjacent to my property to family and friends. i would probably buy several rifles, pistols, and shotguns. then i would build my own rifle & pistol range, with some reactive targets. start taking some of the best defensive handgun & rifle courses in the country. learn more about gun smithing and start reloading. that should keep me busy for a little while. it would also be fun to end some of the endless topics we like to debate on these forums, like 9mm vs .45, ar vs m14/m1a, 7.62nato vs 5.56, ar vs ak 47/74, cast receiver vs forged, etc, etc, etc... end these debates once and for all. (yeah right) rofl it would be fun though.
Start a nation-wide chain of low-cost shooting centers with indoor and/or outdoor ranges. All would feature frequent, free safety and self defense classes, followed by a time of free rentals and use of the range upon completion.

Think "McGuns" franchises across the nation promoted by a huge, continuous 2nd Amendment Rights advertising campaign in every paper, and on every radio and TV channel. Slogans. catchy jingles, billboards, clothing line, patriotism.

Each "McGuns" would sponsor local, youth baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and shooting teams.

Annual amatuer local, state, and national competitions at highschool and college level.

Imagine flying over our country and seeing ranges that are just as beautiful and recognizable as golf courses.

Just a thought.
You just won 290 million dollars, what now?

I'd split the great bulk of it among family members so that each would be set for life. I'd set up a scholarship fund for young folks talented in science. I'd give some generous donations to a few worthy causes. I'd enjoy writing checks to a circle of long-term friends.

And then I'd live the rest of my life on my own schedule.
I'd buy at least 80,000 acres in either Montana or Wyoming for shooting and hunting purposes. I'd also purchase all the guns I can get my hands on. I'd also like to make my dream come true of having at least 5 million rounds of ammo stockpiled.
First I would take steps to keep my name out of the news. Then when I collected I would want around a hundred acres with a nice home on it. The house would have a vault in the basement. I would set up a shooting range out back. Of course I would take care of family & make sure my children were provided for. I am also sure I would acquire more guns, ammunition, reloading equipment etc.
I'll play :)

Probably the big item would be a large range, set up for both ISSF (Olympic) and MLAIC disciplines. A range big enough to host major international events, with a trust fund to keep it in repair. Come to think of it, the 2010 World Muzzle-Loading Championships were held at a range owned by a gentleman who did just that.

As for guns, I'd hit the major auction houses and snap up several cases of flintlock duellers. A Shiloh Sharps carbine. A Feinwerkbau AW93. Hell, roll the dice on a Match Guns MG2E. And order an underhammer flintlock pistol from Andy Baumkircher.
Get some education, change my name, move, and go low profile as possible. That guy in the modest house out on that 50 acres in TX, works for the railroad, and drives a 10 y.o. truck? No way anyone's going to suspect he's rich...
Purchase quality farmable land.
Purchase a house in southern France and promptly move.
Don't play the lottery,just a tax on stupidity. But were I to play and win level the house I have now and rebuild it to what I want. Get some serious plastic surgery change my name and become incognito. Most of my family is borderline poverty level so I would set up a trust to help them out and no right out cash as it can be gone thru in short order.
Since I don't waste my money on lotto tickets is isn't likely going to happen.

But say, I did buy a ticket on a whim, I'd likely buy some land long enough for an air plane, hunting, and a shooting range. I might not ever get the air plane but I'll use the range ;)

I'd get a good health checkup with a very good doctor to help ensure I'll be around to spend it.

Yup, I'd buy a few guns.

Build a bigger house but nothing nutz. I'd upgrade the workshop, not needing to work, I'll need some thing to occupy my time.

Make sure my sister has a place of her own.

Make sure my nephews can go to college.

Support the SAF and other select pro-freedom organizations.

Go on a road trip and see some of this great country. (Only the states that honor my carry permit)

Invest the money in the US. Use some of the proceeds to commit random acts of kindness.

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Pay off family and friends' bills- after that they can make their own way unless something really bad happened.

Buy the house of my dreams- already built and for sale

By a ton of land

Buy cars, guns, and bows.

Set up large savings accounts for my kids and they can have the interest for an allowance, and borrow from it for college, houses ect, so long as they put it back in. When they retire they can have all of it (minimum age would be set)
As Zoogster said, it's a lot less than 290mill after it's all said and done. But I'd build my dream house (with indoor/underground shooting range) and probably blow a million or so on NFA stuff. Plus I could afford to get that hi-point I've always wanted!

Listening to a personal finance radio show, a lady called in saying she won a million dollars on a lottery her and her husband played every year on their anniversary. She was wondering if she should pay off her house because after it was all said and done that million was actually $260,000, which is about what they owed on their house. That's why I always laugh when someone talks about winning a million $, telling off their boss, and living like a king for the rest of their days. After a year of living comfortably theyll be looking for work again assuming they didn't blow it all right away (and have a heart attack/declare bankruptcy when it's time to file taxes).
$290 million taken in the 26 annual payments would be taxed as income so after taxes that would work out to just over $7 million a year.

Highly optimistic I see.

Money will have only a fraction of the buying power when you factor in compound inflation.

Second the top income tax right now is at one of the lowest levels in recent history.
Doing a quick search for tax rates, here is married filing jointly since the early 1900s:

1913 7 500,000
1914 7 500,000
1915 7 500,000
1916 15 2,000,000
1917 67 2,000,000
1918 77 1,000,000
1919 73 1,000,000
1920 73 1,000,000
1921 73 1,000,000
1922 58 200,000
1923 43.5 200,000
1924 46 500,000
1925 25 100,000
1926 25 100,000
1927 25 100,000
1928 25 100,000
1929 24 100,000
1930 25 100,000
1931 25 100,000
1932 63 1,000,000
1933 63 1,000,000
1934 63 1,000,000
1935 63 1,000,000
1936 79 5,000,000
1937 79 5,000,000
1938 79 5,000,000
1939 79 5,000,000
1940 81.1 5,000,000
1941 81 5,000,000
1942 88 200,000
1943 88 200,000
1944 94 200,000
1945 94 200,000
1946 86.45 200,000
1947 86.45 200,000
1948 82.13 400,000
1949 82.13 400,000
1950 84.36 400,000
1951 91 400,000
1952 92 400,000
1953 92 400,000
1954 91 400,000
1955 91 400,000
1956 91 400,000
1957 91 400,000
1958 91 400,000
1959 91 400,000
1960 91 400,000
1961 91 400,000
1962 91 400,000
1963 91 400,000
1964 77 400,000
1965 70 200,000
1966 70 200,000
1967 70 200,000
1968 75.25 200,000
1969 77 200,000
1970 71.75 200,000
1971 70 200,000
1972 70 200,000
1973 70 200,000
1974 70 200,000
1975 70 200,000
1976 70 200,000
1977 70 203,200
1978 70 203,200
1979 70 215,400
1980 70 215,400
1981 69.125 215,400
1982 50 85,600
1983 50 109,400
1984 50 162,400
1985 50 169,020
1986 50 175,250
1987 38.5 90,000
1988 28 29,750
1989 28 30,950
1990 28 32,450
1991 31 82,150
1992 31 86,500
1993 39.6 89,150
1994 39.6 250,000
1995 39.6 256,500
1996 39.6 263,750
1997 39.6 271,050
1998 39.6 278,450
1999 39.6 283,150
2000 39.6 288,350
2001 39.1 297,350
2002 38.6 307,050
2003 35 311,950

From world war 2 until the late 80s you really got screwed.
90% throughout the 1950s!

If you expect to only pay 35% federal income tax over 26 years in a state that currently has no income tax that would be highly optimistic.
The feds will likely increase the income tax within that time, and the state may decide at some point to implement income tax.

California adds another 10% state income tax on top of that.
So it is at 45% (45.3%) . You get around half in a lump sum.
So in California if you won the entire 290 all by yourself it would be 158 million in annuity subject to whatever new tax changes occur that could drastically shrink that amount, as well as compound inflation that will drastically cut the buying power over time.
In a lump sum it would be closer to 79 million, locked in at current tax rates, some of the lowest in the last 100 years.
Factoring worse future tax rates and compound inflation the lump sum would likely be worth more.

That is all assuming you won by yourself, many get split between multiple winners.
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