If you could have only one pistol?

My brain says Glock 19, but my preference says a good, Mil Spec type 1911 like a Colt Classic or SA Mil Spec.

So, I’m gonna say 1911. But tomorrow I may say Glock 19.

Glad this is purely hypothetical
For me it would be a ruger LC9s. It is my favorite carry pistol because I shoot it extremely well and it fits really well for me as a pocket carry pistol. The best pistol is the one you have with you, and that is the one I have with me most often by a far margin. I enjoy shooting larger pistols and revolvers, but if I can only have one it will be the one which is most practical for me as a self defense pistol.
It's about the slickest gun I've ever shot, smooth as glass with perfect slide fit, a (IMHO) perfect SA trigger and I love CZ pattern guns in general. And I'm a sucker for satin/matte SS or nickel besides.
I had Robar work over and Np3 a 1991-vintage SIG P-226 that I carried on duty years ago. The original finish was toast after one rainy winter in my holster. The Np3 shook it off like it was nothing, awesome stuff. :thumbup:

(Also love the CZ-75 series!)

Stay safe.
This is almost right. Make that revolver a .45 Colt. And the .45 auto remains as the alternate.
I can definitely appreciate that. The reason that I go for a 357 mag is I can load it down just a little bit further for some of the new shooters that I inevitably am helping. I’ve had to help a few of them that were handed a canon as the first handgun, and the resulting flinch has taken many many rounds to get rid of… That said, I personally enjoy the “umph” of a full house mag load.
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For me it would most likely come down to one of two. Either a Glock 19 or a Sig 365. It would be a tough choice but I think (right now) the Sig would win. It would be easy to carry day in and out. Relatively accurate and I have not had an issue with it as of yet. The G19 would carry the day, but it would be harder to carry some times. Both have been rock solid reliable and accurate for me. Glad we don't have to make this choice in reality.

The mere thought of only one handgun is almost as bad as thinking of having only one knife. Both of those feverish nightmare scenarios give me the mega heebie-jeebies. It's just not right!
If I had to choose from existing firearms it would be a 5" 1911 in .45 acp without question. However, after owning a SA-35 for a little while, I wish there was a High Power/.45 hybrid. That would be perfect.
CZ 75, 15+ mags in 9mm and a Kadet upper for practice. Joe
I have thought about a All around carry gun that can serve as both defensive and woods gun a long time. Since I have no big predators . The power level of 9mm/ 38 sp. is where I would start . 9 mm has edge smaller cartridge and usually cheaper. Accurate enough to hit small game at 15-20 yards and coyotes up to deer out to 50 . Gun needs to be small enough for easy carry and big enough to shoot easy. Needs to be absolutely reliable. I'm still working it out because I have not had it long but I am thinking the Glock 48 I just picked up not to long ago may be my one gun. Accuracy seems to be there. Fits size and weight wants. In a Desantis pancake holster it rides good . As far as fancy or expensive when you can only have one gun. simple, reliable and accurate trumps fancy and expensive for me
I’ve never learned anything from these “only one” threads. There is never a consensus on anything
I don't look at these threads as trying to find a consensus and "declare a winner." I see them as an opportunity for people to share their preferences and share what appeals to them.

Other things that I always come to my mind in a thread like this are:
1. What would others think about the guns that I prefer if they had the opportunity to handle and shoot my examples?
2. What would I think about the guns that others prefer if I had the opportunity to handle and shoot some of the ones that I haven't yet handled and shot?
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It'd be a tough choice, even narrowing down to 4 or 5 guns. Narrowing down to a single gun would be really difficult.

If I put aside the consideration of needing to carry for SD, and just focused on which gun is the most fun, enjoyable, and satisfying to shoot, and possibly the most accurate at handgun distances of 25 yards or less, it'd be this 1971 vintage Browning International Medalist.


If I do consider SD and the need to carry, as well as fun to shoot at the range, I'd probably keep either the CZ 75B Stainless or the SP-01. (And a Kadet Kit if I could sneak it in.) These guns can be transformed into various states of tune and capabilities with Cajun Gun Works parts, and the .22 LR Kadet kit makes it into a fun, reliable, and accurate rimfire.


I'd miss revolvers and other semi-autos, but if I had to, I be happy shooting one of these. And thankful that I'm able. :)