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Interviews from NRA Convention Online (including Ted Nugent)

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by americasgunshows.com, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. americasgunshows.com

    americasgunshows.com Member

    May 11, 2004
    We were able to interview Ted Nugent (rocker & outspoken advocate of the 2A)- for 1 full hour - take the time and listen to ALL he has to say - there is some good stuff here, Alan Gottlieb (Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation & owner of KeepandBearArms.com), Rob Leatham (Shooting Champion), Jack Alberty (V.P. & General Manager of Gunbroker.com).

    The sound quality for Ted Nugent's interview is damaged due to a technical goof on our part but was fixed for the other interviews. We also interviewed representatives from Beretta, FN (showcashing two new really cool guns), Sigarms, & Benelli.

    The latter interviews are being edited and should be available later in the week. We underwrote the entire expense of this production out of our pockets as a gift to all who love America and freedom.

    If you want to flame us for sending you to a site that sells a product, go ahead. But just remember, it is the sale of our product that allows us to pay for this. And we are paying for the bandwidth of all those who watch these interviews - over 6 hours total.

    No one else has ever done this before from the floor of the NRA convention. We saw a void and decided to fill it by paying for it. And we will try to do so again next year, at the NRA National Convention in Wisconsin. And that one will cost us a heck of a lot more as we buy better equipment.

    Our guest / interview line-up should be better also as we are lining up notables now. Thank you to all who have supported and patronized us this past year allowing us to give something back to you.

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