Ithaca 37 Defense Shotgun

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Mar 1, 2009
Any opinions on the Ithaca model 37 defender shotgun?
A local pawn shop has one that looks pretty good but they're asking $349.00.
Is this SG worth that much used?
It's wood looks excellent and the metal is blue with no rust.
I'm used to Winchesters & Mossberg and of course Remingtons. But know little about the Itcha line of shotguns.
Someone said they are made in Japan but the shop owner says this one was one of the last made in NY I think he said.

Opinions please...

Ithacas were made in Ithaca, NY. The company moved to Ohio. All their models are 100% USA made and assembled. IMO the best operating pump there is. The company has been around a long, looooong time and have made weapons for the gov. New they are about $500. If it's LNIB, good deal!

They are more 'rare' than mossberg or Remington but as good if not better. Their action is definately better.

The only complaint you will ever hear about an Ithaca product will be someone stating they don't like the looks of it.
Not sure what gun you mean.
Is it an Ohio made Ithaca?
How long is the barrel
How many rounds in the magazine?
What is the serial number? (this will let me tell you the year)

I bought this one for $250 with a Polychoke
Cut barrel to 18 1/2
Bought a walnut stock online for $25
New recoil pad from Galazan cost $30 plus $40 to have it fitted

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First shotgun I ever used was an old Ithaca Model 37, 20 gauge, with a 26" plain barrel. Use to take it out for hunting pheasant and grouse. Always appreciated the lightweight and handling characteristics of that particular model. One of the slickest slide action shotguns that I've ever encountered.
37s are very good shotguns. $349, if the thing is in nigh new condtion, is a fair price.

The 37 is a JMB design. It's one of the smoothest shuckers and reliable. On the light side, so kick can be emphatic.

Ithaca 37...


I think I'll hit that pawn shop tomorrow and put that Ithaca on lay away...

I need a second job to support my addiction to shotguns.

But after hearing such positive comments I feel its become a moral imperative that I add this fine SG to my collection. Only question is how do I make room for it in my gun closet???
I picked up a nice 37 12GA a few weeks ago for #1 son.
Shells eject down- very nice feature.

That was is an old one - the old ones will fire as soon as the pump is pushed forwards ( if trigger is held back)

This is a feature or bug, depending on your views and usage.

I've heard nothing but good about them.
I recently bought an older model '37 and it's become my new favorite pump shotgun, super smooth, light, quick pointing and I prefer the control ergos over the 870 and even the Mossberg.

The only real downsides to them is that they are harder to take down to any extent and I believe not quite as mechanically forgiving as competing designs if not kept totally in spec.

For example there are many that like to dump unfired shells out the loading/ejection port, it seems timing and shell latch problems are more critical with this design than with others.

Still, I figure if you're willing to put a bit more care into them you'll come out ahead.

Move the guns out of the closet & into the bedroom. Then,sleep in the closet.
Well I've laid the gun closet on its side and stuffed it chock full of sleeping bags so sleeping won't kill my back.
Of course before doing this I made sure my guns were tucked in snug as a bug in a rug!
Why I didn't think of doing this sooner I just can't say but it's a fabulous solution. I think my wife is even happier with the new sleeping arrangments! LOL LOL LOL
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